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They can say what they want about Manila.  As for me, there’s something beautiful trapped inside it that makes me want to get my running gears and run the route again.  There may be unpleasant things you’d encounter when you run in Manila.  But I brought good memories of it.

Here are some photos of Manila from our Heritage Run last September 5.

We started at Manila Film Center, going to Intramuros thru CCP-Roxas Blvd-Luneta.  From Intramuros, we went to Fort Santiago for a little break and refreshment.

Then we run back from Fort Santiago to Luneta via Binondo-Jones Bridge-MacArthur Bridge.  We ended near Rizal Shrine for a little photo ops, water break and for a cone of dirty ice cream.

Finally, we headed back to CCP for breakfast at Tropical Hut.


Manila Film Center

Class pic at Manila Film Center

Starting point at Manila Film Center.  This building was first used to host the 1st Manila Internation Film Festival in 1982.  But this is more popular for its ghost stories.  From here, we run to CCP-Roxas Blvd-Kalaw St, and finally entering Intramuros via Revellin de Real de Bagumbayan.

Revellin de Real de Bagumbayan

At the Revellin de Real de Bagumbayan

Revellin de Real de Bagumbayan was once housed the Manila Aquarium during the American period and was also used as prison cells and barracks during Japanese occupation.

Inside Intramuros was a peaceful place to run.  I was hoping to run around more inside.  But we had to leave for Fort Santaigo which was a few kilometers away.

Running Inside Intramuros

A relatively quite place to run.

The first stopover was at Fort Santiago.  Carlos Celdran specifically chose this location for its significance to the recent hostage crisis.  We were given a cup of cold kalamansi juice.  Ahhh…

Fort Santiago is known for the Rizal Shrine.  It was here that Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned before being executed.  The famous poem by Jose Rizal Mi Ultimo Adios was penned inside Fort Santiago.

Stopover at Fort Santiago

Class pic (minus the banner) in front of Fort Santiago

A Moment of Silence at Fort Santiago

A moment of silence offered to the victims of the hostage crisis.


We stayed for a few more minutes for a break and it was time to move back to Luneta.  Instead of tracing the route back, we took the longer path.  We passed by Jones Bridge, Binondo, MacArthur Bridge

Here are a few more sights from the run.  I was getting tired already despite running for just about 12kms.  It was getting hot.

Pasig River

Pasig River.  View from MacArthur Bridge.

Pasig River

Pasig River.  View from Jones Bridge. 

The Jones Bridge, formerly known as Puente de Espana (Bridge of Spain) or Puente Grande, is the first bridge ever built in the country in 1623. and was once hailed as Manila’s queen of the bridges.

Manila Post Office

Manila Post Office

National Museum

National Museum.  I really want to have a tour inside. 

I haven’t been inside the National Museum.  I have to see Juan Luna’s Spolarium before I turn 40.  Ok… matagal pa.  😀

Finally, we are in Luneta.  This was the next pit stop.  We stayed here a bit longer not knowing what to do?  Do we wait for those who haven’t arrived yet?  Do we go hope? Do we go back to CCP?  Will we walk?  Ride?  Run?

Luneta Park

Class pic at Luneta


Manila Ice Cream after a 15K run.  Yummm…

After the water break and the ice cream break, we have to decide what to do next.

Roxas Blvd

We decided to run three more kilometer to CCP and have breakfast at Tropical Hut.


Here’s the final class pic after having breakfast.  It’s the first time I saw the fountain function in CCP.

It was a tiring 18km run for me.  We ended late and I slept until the afternoon when I got home.

I didn’t realize that there are nice place to run when in Manila.  I often confine myself to CCP or Roxas or Quirino.  Joining the Heritage Run gave me new idea for a route in this area.  Hopefully we can come up with a nice route for long runs in this area.

Join us next time.

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