Nike We Run Manila 10K Results

Congratulations for completing the Nike We Run Manila 10K.   Race results and photos for the event are now available for viewing.

 Nike We Run Manila 10K Race Results
October 15, 2011 5:00 pm
Bonifacio Global City

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Nike We Run Manila Photos

Photos from Team USB


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  1. master mamerto says

    masyado concentrated sa event yung organizer hindi sa enjoyment ng runners, OA and security,dapat pinasama sa loob ng event yung family members para na enjoy din nila..tapos konti freebies..lugi…la pa finishers kit..mas pinaghandaan nyo ata yung concert kesa sa takbo..

  2. primo says

    hay naku. b4 mag coment alamin din muna ang dahilan mag basa basa din. ang finishers kit ipadala na lang. coach rio may letter of apology na binigay sa atin after the race..

    • rmond says

      it is still very disappointing.. i’ve joined several running events already but this is the worst. everything is not organized. with the finishers kit, they should have advised us ahead of time so we dont have to fall in line and makipagsiksikan just for the the apology letter. ok fine may apology letter, congested na sa event area dagdag hassle pa yun sa runners to fall in line and makipagsiksikan just for the apology letter. they should have sent us texts or email na lang dapat before the race informing us na wala yung finishers kit.

  3. Oblation says

    The Baggage Counter was a portrait of complete chaos after the race! The tables in front of the counters were gone! The guys manning the counters would just raise the bags and holler for the owners of the items! Any Tomas, Juan, and Maria could just raise his/her hand and claim the bag as his/hers! I was able to claim my bag by pointing at my backpack in a heap of other bags! The identification number was gone and anyone could have just claimed the same backpack as his!

  4. rodz says

    That was my first fun run ever.. so for a first timer like me i am expecting something in return after crossing that finishing line..but i did not get any aside from drinks and apology letter..hope organizers are still working with nike for the kit and hope to receive that soon..thanks!!

  5. paolo romero says

    well, dun sa mga madami negative feedback about the race, you should try to organize you own race, para wala na rekalamo…

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