BDO Race For Life 3/5/10/15K (SM MOA)

The Race 4 Life Run for a cause will be held on March 25, 2012 (Sunday), from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Marathon Route of Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  On its 4th annual fund raising run, BDO Unibank will help the housing projects of BDO Foundation, Inc. for the typhoon victims.

Race for Life

Race For Life
March 25, 2012


3k, 5k, 10k, 15k


3K – Php450.00
5K – Php550.00
10K – Php650.00
15K – Php750.00


Online registration will begin on January 20, 2012.
Go to


Jheff Lim, BDO HRG-Internal Corporate Programs
– 840-7062
– 0922-8197915

Moi Yamoyam of Tri ‘N Motion
– 622-0266
– 0917-5225044


Tri ‘N Motion

Race For Life Singlet

BDO Race for Life Race Maps

BDO Race for Life – 15KM Route

BDO Race for Life – 10KM Route

BDO Race for Life – 5KM Route

BDO Race for Life – 3KM Route

Training for a race? Check out our list of training plans below.

5K Training 10K Training 21K Training 42K Training


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  1. angrybird_runner says

    wala finishers shirt at medal sa 15km… pero first 50 per category may medal… first time lang to mag sunday at mag ka 15km.. support niu company run namen… = )

    • deckgarcia says


      • OLDRUNNER says


    • markeee says

      i agree with you! pumapantay ito sa registration ng runrio pero pinagkaiba nila ito hindi lahat mabibigyan ng medal balato nyo na lang sa amin ang medal.

  2. Monna says

    Saan po pwedeng magpregister? Anu-ano ang requirement pagka company or group ang sasali? Meron po ba kayong registration form na pwedeng madownload?

  3. caviterunner says

    nawala yung mga post ko?!! bawal na naman magsuggest?!

    all finishers dapat for 15k ay may medal.. No Speed Limit nga nagawan ng paraan na bigyan ng medal ang mga 15k finishers e..

  4. gandasha says

    oo nga dapat may finisher shirt at medal ang mahal ng registration tapos walang makukuha…sa Bull Run 1st time ko mag 16K para lang sa finisher shirt at medal….

    • jayson says

      in-store registration? san pwede mag in-store registration? may mga affiliates ba ang bdo na mga stores/sports store na pwede mag regsiter ng ndi napunta sa website ng bdo?

      kasi ndi naman lahat ng gustong mag participate may credit cards na gamit or online accounts para makapag bayad through online.

      in-store registrations are much appreciated for us participants who would want also to see the singlets personally and to try it to see the fit.

      PAGING!!! BDO and the ORGANIZERS please DO answer, kasi ndi lang ako ang naghahanap ng sagot sa in-store registrations paki basa ung thread ng post sa taas ang DAMI na nagtatanong ng registration ng ndi online ang gamit.

      angrybird_runner and Jheff Lim paki sagot ang mga tanong ng registration kasi mukang bdo affiliates kayo or employee ng bdo, PWEDE?


      • Jhoy says

        wala pong in-store registration.. yung payment naman po eh hindi thru credit card, magdeposit pa po kayo sa BDO.. may procedure naman po after magregister online.. nakaindicate din po dun kung kelan makuha yung singlet, race bib and map..

      • Moi says

        Hi jayson,

        Apologies if we are not able to answer your queries sooner. Seems that what we posted last time didn’t show up.

        Regarding the payment, You don’t need a credit card. Please go to to register. After you complete the online registration you will be provided a reference number which you will use to pay to any bdo branches( cash deposit ). You will receive an email confirmation of the event details once you are officially registered.

  5. myke0111 says

    Hello Moi/Jheff!

    I would like to inquire about the benefit of the chart sizes for the singlet of BDO run in March 25.

    As you could see, it would be very helpful for runners to have this size chart (ex. chest width) as a guidance to pick the right sizes for their singlets. Indicating only XS/S/M/L/XL will be difficult for runners to guess their sizes and also will depend on the manufacturer of the singlets on how they will cut these.

    Having a basis on other singlet sizes on other races is not a good idea unless the race events have the same manufacturer or organizer.

    Frankly, I have race singlets that I chose L but it it didn’t fit me and other singlet I chose was XL but it’s too big for me. I have a very few race singlets with the correct sizes I chose because the organizer included the size chart.

    Thanks and hoping that this suggestion would be helpful for all runners like me and organizers like you.

    Looking forward to this event and Good luck!!

    • Moi says

      Hi myke0111,

      Apologies if we are not able to answer your queries sooner. Seems that what we posted last time didn’t show up.

      We already had a Singlet chart posted at BDO site( ). Hope that would help.

      • cyn says

        Hi! Need some help on the size chart posted. How did you come up with these measurements? 24″ (chest) by 33″ (length)? Does it include the front and the back?

  6. myke0111 says

    Side comment: Why does everybody cramming for medals and not having the right size of the singlets?

    Which of these can be used again: the medals or the singlets?

    • RODRUNNER says

      To each his own ika nga. Some runners run for medals others for singlets, others for the cause etc..I personally run to achieve a target time all else comes second.

    • wanderlust says

      There’s a reason runners don’t wear baggy tops: wind resistance. Plunging/Dangling cloth could impede concentration, especially for long distance runners. And yes, singlets can be re-used/worn again.

      And medals are there to be one’s reminder of his/her achievement. The same reason people take photos.

    • Bibieng Tan says

      We can use singlets from the previous runs and give it to the poor if it does not fit.

      Medals on the other hand can be kept and displayed.

  7. dirtdiver888 says

    wala bang walk in application??? pano kung gusto personal magparegister instead On line??


    sorry kung atat but we need to know, dami kasi bad experiences sa ibang race organizers kaya kailangan malinaw.

  8. tammy tam says


    • markeee says

      palagay ko may punto… kasi once i-announce nila na may medal ang 15k registrants.. dadami ang sasali.. like what happened sa no speed limit run…

    • vertical finisher says

      Kasi, pagkatapos mong tumakbo, anong makukuha mong remembrance? Anong proof mo na sumali ka sa isang race? Kahit tumakbo ka ng 3 km or 42 km, mararamdaman mong achievement ang ginawa mo pag may medal ka. Ganun yun…

      • OLDRUNNER says


        • this little piggy says

          I did run just because I believed in the cause of the event. Well, people do things for different reasons talaga…Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs lang siguro. Some do it for the frills or the pomp and pageantry but others do it for the passion and heart for running and the beneficiary of the run. Kahit magbayad ng reg fee, it’s for you to discern na lang siguro kung sulit ba.

          I would love to have a medal too and it feels great to have something to keep pero ako, when I see my race bibs lang, sobrang fulfilled na fulfilled na ako.

          • rose says

            I agree to oldrunner for a cause man sya o hindi..sarap ng feeling na makatanggap ka ng medal achievement kaya yun..a remembrance na ginawa mo pala nong bata ka pa o di ba may ipagmamalaki sa mga anak mo.. and proven yan every time i joined race nakikita ng anak ko na inuwi ako medal na prove you finished the race..hanga kaya siya..

    • Moi says

      Hi guys,
      Apologies if we are not able to answer your queries sooner. Seems that what we posted last time didn’t show up.
      For Registration:
      All registration will be done online. No walk-in registration. Deadline for registration (and payment) is on February 29. We opted to have this type of registration process because we wanted the runners’ singlets customized to their preferred size.
      We have no confirmation yet if we will do onsite (walk-in) registration.
      For Medals:
      3k – 1st 50 finisher
      5k – 1st 50 finisher
      10k – 1st 100 finisher
      15k – 1st 100 finisher.

      Singlets Size chart has already uploaded at BDO site.
      Hope that I was able to answer your queries. Again, our sincere apologies.

  9. noel89 says

    sa mga like to run for singlet,check the design of don bosco run on feb 26 also @ quirino grand stand tapos ang 10K is 350php onli

  10. ctrl says

    to the organizers: please help the interested parties who want to join in your event. sila naman po ang tutulong din sa inyo para maging successful po yung housing project ninyo. kung may suggestions po sila at tingin nyo po eh magagawan din naman ninyo ng paraan sana at least take it in to your consideration din po. malaking bagay po ang in-store registration. sana mapagbigyan ninyo.

    to the interested runners: easy lang po tayo. hintay nalang po ng sagot. patience is a virtue. as a runner dapat natutunan na po natin ang pagiging patience.

    good day to all!

  11. reydor says

    to BDO Race For Life race organizers: wag ninyo pahirapan ang mga interesado tumugon sa inyong panawagan. di ko habol ang medal,di ko rin habol ang singlet. ang habol ko lang sana sa registration pa lang maayos na..hanggang matapos ang patakbo.

  12. jhapz says

    after kong magregister.. ito info binigay ng BDO..
    tagal irelease ng singlet.. tsk tsk..

    The Race Kit will be available on:

    March 16, 2012 (Friday)
    3:00 PM – 5:00 PM (Surnames starts : Q – Z) B1, Food Court, North Tower, BDO Corporate Center,
    H.V. Dela Costa Street cor Makati Avenue, Makati City

    March 17, 2012 (Saturday)
    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Surnames starts :I – P) B1, Food Court, North Tower, BDO Corporate Center,
    H.V. Dela Costa Street cor Makati Avenue, Makati City

    March 18, 2012 (Sunday)
    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Surnames starts: A – H) B1, Food Court, North Tower, BDO Corporate Center,
    H.V. Dela Costa Street cor Makati Avenue, Makati City

    Please bring your Confirmation Letter and Proof of Payment / Deposit Slip.

    • vertical finisher says

      Worst registration to kung sakali. Ano to, school? Gaano sila ka- confident na pupunta ang runners sa ganitong dates, time and place? Organizers, wake up…

      • t2 says

        @vertical finisher

        tama! then pag running group kayo and iba-iba start ng apelyido, so paano na pag claim, individual? hay, hassle

        • Moi says

          Hi t2,

          Regrading ur concern in claiming the kits.

          Here are options that you might considered:

          1. If incase your are not able to claim the kits on your assigned date, you can still claim it on the next distribution date. And probably the worst scenario is to claim your kits on the race which we don’t encourage.

          2. For groups who have different dates on claiming the kits. You can probably assign a person/persons to claim your kits as a group provided that authority letter, ID, deposit slip and reference number are provided.

          Hope these options would be feasible for you and your team.

          Moi – Tri ‘n Motion

  13. OLDRUNNER says


    Tri ‘N Motion – please answer all the querries of the runners who want to help your cause who want to joint the race. kung meron kayo in store registration at naka ready na singlet like other races it will not burden the runners to spend more money to return to get their singlet for the race they paid with their money. Pag registration is not well organized na how much more during the race. SPEAK UP ORGANIZER!

    • Moi says

      Hi guys,

      Apologies if we are not able to answer your queries sooner. Seems that what we posted last time didn’t show up.

      For Registration:
      All registration will be done online. No walk-in registration. Deadline for registration (and payment) is on February 29.

      We opted to have this type of registration process because we wanted the runners’ singlets customized to their preferred size.

      We have no confirmation yet if we will do onsite (walk-in) registration.

      For Medals:
      3k – 1st 50 finisher
      5k – 1st 50 finisher
      10k – 1st 100 finisher
      15k – 1st 100 finisher.

      Singlets Size chart has already uploaded at BDO site.

      Hope that I was able to answer your queries. Again, our sincere apologies.

      • Cyn says

        Hi! I need some help with the size chart. 24” (chest) by 33” (length)
        How do you come up with that?Does the measurement include the front and the back?

      • myke0111 says

        Organizer…, thanks for uploading the singlet chart sizes…, but I still have one concern…, I think that the Chest and Length sizes are mixed-up…

        For instance: my size is Large but your chart says Chest 27 inches/Length 39 inches. I think it should be Chest 39 inches/Length 27 inches.

  14. t2 says

    opinion lang, the only upside of this race is the advocacy and nice singlet, pero kung ganyan ka hassle registration, madami naman kasabay na race on the same date. i wont mention it, pero dami pa bigay freebies sa iba, dali pa magregister

  15. sayaka says


    baka pwede kayo na lang ang mag tanong or kausapin nyo ang BDO race 4 life, bakit wala silang comment or reply man lang sa mga nag tatanong dito.


  16. sayaka says

    buti pa ang Tupperware Family fun run – complete details,

    kasabayan nito ang BDO race for life at malapit din eto sa MOA,

    pag isipan nyo mga runners…

  17. bulastog says

    wag n lng nten pag-aksayahan ng panahon tong race n to, good cause nga pro wala nmn pakialam ang organizer s mga runnners, mas madaling mkipag-usap s BINGI kesa s mga ngbibingibingihan

  18. riczaf says

    am with bulastog, am tired of waiting for the organizer’s response.

    am interested to run sana sa 15K but without the medal info and the hazzle of registration – sa iba na lang muna ako tatakbo. peace po sa lahat.

    • Moi says

      hi riczaf,

      Please refer to my comment dated Feb.5 at 4.11am. Hope that information would help.

      Apologies again for the delayed response.

      Moi – Tri’N Motion

      • master mamerto says

        Hi Sir, i think an on-site registration is more easier for runners especially on singlet sizes bec we will be able to fit it right away on the sites instead of online where we are not sure if the singlet dimensions we choose would really fit on us.

        • Moi says

          Hi master mamerto,

          Your suggestion of a walk-in registration site is being deliberated but no. confirmation yet but will try our best that we can have one. The only issue with the walk-in registration is we can’t guarantee the sizes that fits you.
          What’s available is what we can provide when you register.

          That’s one of the reason that we opted to an online registration so ahead of time we can have the sizes of the participants. But We are looking into a fitting site instead where we can have the sample of all sizes so you can fit before you register online.

          Hope this information helps.

  19. Cyn says

    Hi! I need some help with the size chart posted. How did you come up with theae measurements? 24” (chest) by 33” (length)? Does that include the front and the back?

    • Moi says

      Hi glens yaku,

      There will be no age categories. But there will be a distinction between BDO employees and Non-BDO Participants.

      So for 3k ( 1st , 2nd and 3rd for BDO and Non-BDO). This is the same with all categories.

  20. cyn says

    Hi moi/jheff! I need some help with the size chart that was posted. How did you come up with these measurements? for xs – 24″ (chest) by 33″ (length); s – 25″ (chest) by 35″ (length), etc? Does it include the front and the back?

    • Moi says

      Hi cyn,

      Thank you for asking that question, the size chart was given to us by the manufacturer which I believe that would be the standard size of all other races as well.

      We are looking into a walk-in registration site, but we are still deliberating the option. However for that site we can guarantee anymore the size that you might want to avail. What’s available is what we can probably provide. That is the advantage of having the online registration, we can order ahead of time the size that you requested.

  21. OLDRUNNER says

    TRI-MOTION, this is the Hassle, Sizes is not the big problem here. you cud have, S,M, L, XL, 2XL. or so on. The ONLINE REGISTRATION- di lahat na runners are intellect enough to fill up reg. at internet, THE BANK PAYMENT at BDO Bank, THE PICK UP OF RACE KITS- pupuntahan at hahanapin mo pa sa Makati. Look all this hassle para sumali to this kind of Race. Dahil lang sa Sizes issue. Unlike other races. Punta ka ng ROX, CHRIS pa register ka sabihin mo lang ang size. Yo cud get d Singlet then you report for the race day. You RUN and finish rcvd the freebies. TAPOS walang extra Money to spend na pabalik balikin ka. PAG ISIPAN NYO PO! ON SITE REGISTRATION. EFFECTIVE PO TO AT HASSLE FREE!! FOR THE RUNNERS!!

    • Moi says

      Hi oldrunner,

      Your suggestion of a walk-in registration site is being deliberated but no confirmation yet, but will try our best that we can have one. The only issue with the walk-in registration is we can’t guarantee the sizes that fits you.

      Will inform everyone if there will be a walk-in registration site. Thanks.

      Moi – Trinmotion. Btw route already available at At the gallery folder.

  22. Manster Raner says

    agree with oldrunner! my organizer naman why dont let them handle the registration… when I first saw this, sabi ko tatakbo ko… pero hassle yung registration process kaya napapaisip tuloy ako… baka sa rogin na lng ako tumakbo…

  23. Chad says

    Hi guys, much better if don’t force ourselves if we want to run or not.. just make our own decision and be patience!

  24. Jheff Lim says

    Hello Fellow Runners,

    You can now view our race map, singlet dimension matrix and sample finishers medal through

    Likewise, please be inform that all proceeds (100%) shall be given to BDO foundation for the housing project of typhoon victims….

    For the finishers medal:
    Top 50 for 5k and 3k
    Top 100 for 10K and 15K

    All runners will have a surprising items from our sponsors and YES we will have finishers Shirt .

    Online registration is until Feb. 29, 2012.

    Register now…

    Stay Healthy and enjoy running.

  25. Chad says

    Already paid the registration fee today.

    To ORGANIZER, please assured to the runners the success of this event.

    We’re counting on you GUYS!!!

    Thank you.

  26. jodie896 says

    interested pa naman sana ako sumali dito kaso bkit ganun ka-hassle ung registration at bkit ndi n lng i-shipping yung singlets ? or sana nagkaroon na lang kayo registration booth sa BDO branches nyo so we could register personally at the same time makuha n singlet e di walang hassle.

    • Moi says

      Hi Jodie,

      We are considering a walk-in registration site ( which will be announcing it soon) where you can fit the size & register manually but the distribution of the kits together with the singlet will still be on the date that we mentioned. (March 16, 17, 18).

      As much as we wanted, we can’t have the local branches to be a registration site ( for security and logistic reasons ).

      Just to highlight: WE WILL BE GIVING FINISHER SHIRT TO ALL PARTICIPANTS and FOR 15KM runners more surprises awaits you guys. So register now. Please go online to register & pay at any bdo branches. Then will have your kits distributed on March 16, 17 and 18.

  27. this little piggy says

    the finisher’s shirt, the medals and what ever freebies are just icing to the cake. What is crucuial is the seemless registration (na parang disaster na) and safe race route. Ano ba yun, pick up Friday, Saturday and Sunday? you have got to be kidding!

  28. Sweet_sixteen says

    Wow!! I saw their finisher’s and winner’s medal ang ganda!! Definitely not like the other medals I’ve seen 😀 Hmmm maybe this is all worth the hassle of registration..solid and medal!!

    • Moi says

      Hi Markdrunner,

      We are currently waiting for the approval of the walk-in registration site. Hopefully by next weekend will have the site open already for registration. Thank you for your patience.

  29. Jheff Lim says

    For those who would like to know….

    All Runners who had successfully made it to the finish line will have there Nice Finishers Shirt…. This means for all category…

    For the finishers medal… will stick on the essence of the RACE… Top 50 for 3k and 5k runners and Top 100 for 10k and 15K runners…

    Be the best 10K or 15K runner and get a Soleus Watch with your winners medal and some surprise….

  30. Pinoy Hatdog says

    Just registered online for this run.

    Sorry, but I just had to say this – a whole bunch of the comments here are pretty hostile (borderline bratty at times). Geez, I understand the concept of free speech, but at least be civil with your posts.

    • lady_in_red says

      yeah i agree. it’s so funny. you can just read the details especially the comments of the organizers. if you don’t like the hassle, you can just opt out. if you want value for money, you can run for free at parks or wherever. you can also keep track of the time yourselves so you’ll have records.

      my friends and i already registered and we’ve got different dates for the release of singlets but we’ll pick everything up on Sunday (because shirts for everyone will be ready by then).

  31. Roldan says

    we’re still hoping for the walk-in registration site. can you please post it as early as possible. we’re counting on it!!! less hassle for the part of runners. . . Thanks.

      • Moi says

        Hi apple,

        Yes. I agree with Moymoy. If you still not able to receive a confirmation after you register, you might not able to complete the online registration correctly.

        Things to do:

        1. You can register again and wait for the system to load the page up until the system will provide you a ref #.

        2. If you have a ref # but you don’t receive an confirmation email from Bdo. You can verify that at site and enter your reference number to check if you are part of the list ( considering you already paid at the branch ).

        Hope this information help.

    • steve says

      dami kasi nila arte e.. kung gugustuhin naman nilang mag onsite registration ginawa na nila.. pinapahirapan pa nila mga runners mag register e..

  32. says

    Hi Moi! or to whom it may concern.. is there a result already about the deliberation having our in store registration. i thought its gonna be announced this week because we have been waiting for your response and we want to register na kasi less hassle talaga and we will able to fit the singlet na eh tsaka malapit na din mag end ang registration. pls respond po thank you so much. :)

  33. DEliterunner says

    In Store registration …..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ still Sleeping…………………..WAKE UP!!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ….. Grrrr!!!

    • Moi says

      Hi sheng,boybuhok, meong and Deliterunner,

      I’ll get back to you guys the soonest that we can confirm the dates and the venue for the walk-in registration sites.

      Definitely, we will be opening these sites to accommodate everyone, apart from the online registration which will end on Feb. 29, 2012. Please consider dates in March for these sites to open.

      We appreciate your patience. Thank you.

      • says

        naku so sa march pa po pala, pero sure na sure po ba na magkakatroon nito? baka po mamaya kakahintay po namin eh lumipas na po ang feb29 then di na kami makapagregister at all kasi end na ng registration period nun?

        • Moi says

          Hi sheng,

          Yes we are working out for the walk-in registration sites for everyone and for those who are not able to register online. Definitely will have it open to accommodate you guys.

          Will keep you posted on the dates and venue. Thank you.

  34. says

    Hello Moi,
    Ok so you will definitely have the walk-in site. We will take it from you, at least now you confirmed and we were already informed that there will be one for sure and nothing to worry even if the last registration in your website shows feb.29, we can still register on the walk-in registration sites. Please keep us posted. We will just wait for your announcement of the date and venue. I hope it could be before this week ends or maybe at least on Monday already. Thank you for replying to my post. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to hear from you again with the good news about this. Have a good day! :)

    • steve says

      baka maubusan kana ng slot nyan… kasi kung mag extend talaga sila ng registration.. by now dapat nakapost na kung hanggang kelan extended ang registration at kung saan saang venue ang pwede mag onsite registration..

      madami ng kalaban for march25 event..

      • Moi says

        Hi sheng,steve;

        We appreciate your question and concern regarding the walk-in registration sites.

        Yes, Definitely we will be opening that site. We are just sorting out details before we open it so that we can accommodate you guys better.

        Thank you.

  35. Doc piNOYako says

    PDA fun run was my and my friends 1st fun run event na sinalihan…dahil nag enjoy kami we decided na sumali uli sa ibang fun run kaya nag search ako at nakita ko dito yung date ng mga events…

    Info that i read first are:
    1.Date…..dapat sunday lang para di masasagasaan ang work..pasok ang BDO fun run

    2.Location..Pasok uli ang BDO kc sa MOA
    3. Reg fee…..ok na rin sa BDO
    4. Registration….dito bumagsak ang BDO for me….kasi walang mall registration, ang yung pag claim ng singlet sasadyain pa sa makati with designated dates pa ang claiming…at dami pa kailangan kung iba ang mag claim….

    5.Singlet, medal finisher’s kit are the last option lang.

    In the end, sa Tupperware ako today nagpareg for the month of march sa fun run…walang hustle although naubusan lang ng meduim size na singlet..aside from that wala na akong ibang problems….

    For BDO organizers, please makinig kayo sa mga runners..In looking forward to run in your event in the near future…thanks

  36. Rob says

    Hi organizers,

    I paid using the deposit slip and I got the receipt, in claiming the singlet I’m going to present the receipt of payment and print out the email registration? tama po ba? another concern I’m not sure kung yung size ng singlet ko eh fitted sakin is it possible to change the size on the day I claim it? di po kaya ko mauubosan ng size kasi nasa last batch ako ng claiming eh. Looking forward to hear from u. Thanks!

    • Moi says

      Hi rob,

      Yes. You will need the reference number/email confirmation and deposit slip to claim the kits on March 16,17 and 18.

      We can’t change the singlet anymore as we will give you the size that you order online. Don’t worry you will have your singlet size even though you are claiming it on the last day.

      Hope I answer your query.

    • Moi says

      Hi guys,

      This would be for those who are asking about the singlet size and the walk-in registration site.

      Probably a quicker overview of the singlet size, if your familiar with Adidas sizes, the sizes for the BDO race for life is a bit similar with that. I think for me that’s the best way to somewhat gauge the size of the singlet that you might receive.

      For the walk-in registration site. We appreciate everyone’s patient, we are glad to inform you guys that we are opening the walk-in registration site at R.O.X starting MARCH 7,2012 ( from 2pm to 7pm ).

      Hope this information help. Thank you.

      • says

        i think this rox is located at bonifacio taguig.

        hmm wala po bang iba pang mag oopen na sites like sa malls like SM or Robinsons?

        and sa walk in site diba may mga available singlets na actual na pwedeng masukat, right?

      • Running Mad says

        when we register at rox, can we pay and immediately get our singlets?

        i’m not inclined to register if you would still require me to go to your makati office to get the race kit.


        • Moi says

          Hi running mad,

          For our Walk-in registration site. Yes, you can pay and get your kits immediately.

          Only for those who register online will receive their kits on these dates (March 16, 17, 18).

          Thank you.

  37. DEliterunner says


  38. DEliterunner says


  39. aries says

    i do run for one good reason.. my heart tells me so… i don’t have to brag to anyone that i receive a medal (even though i know i won’t get any cause i run so slow hehe) but still i’ll do it cause it is my passion and my adrenaline tells me so… so go go go lets run and have some fun ^_____^ ruuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnn!!! aria!!!

  40. boybuhok says

    i was really excited in joining this race since i saw the ad pero things have changed while waiting for the full info on this event. from the incomplete info of the race details, to the registration hassles of doing it online ang paying at a bank and waiting for an email, to falling in line again for the release of the race paraphernalias and now that you have an onsite reg ONLY at ROX thinking that there’s a lot of BDO branches all over the country and no news about the availability of the race kits on the reg site, i have to reconsider my decision on joining the event itself. its a good cause but if organizers will let the participants experience the HASSLE of joining this event, i don’t think this would have a satisfactory turn out. I am congratulating the organizers in advance if this will be as successful as you all are expecting.

    SAYANG! ganda pa naman ng singlet, give aways at promises

    GOODLUCK to everyone

  41. master mamerto says

    Sa akin, wala akong hassle na nadaanan sa registration ko, i just followed their instruction. Nag register lang ako online, tapos binigyan ako ng ref no, after office dumaan ako ng BDO bank, nagbayad ng registration, tapos na.. hintay na lang ng date for pick up ng race kit ko…parang mas madali nga kasi di mo na kailangang magpunta sa mga registration sites, la ding problema sa pagbayad kasi daming bangko ng bdo and they are open till 6pm, 7:30 pa nga sa mall eh..isa lang ang problema ko..pag di tama sukat ng singlet ko. hekhekhek

  42. Redgie says

    pass ako dito medyo time consuming nga . sana next time e mas simplehan lang ang pagregister..lagay lang ng registration booths sa mga malls and then kuha na agad ang race kits like the past fun runs..mas simple, mas madali.

  43. newbie_runner says

    or ipadala na lang yung race kit via courier.
    imagine yung online nag-register, paid via BDO branch outside metro manila tapos ike-claim sa makati?

    mura nga yung registration pero for some people mas mahal ang oras

  44. meong says

    dear sir moi,
    tagal ko hinintay ang instore reg site nyo tapos sa rox bhs nyo nilagay…. im from bulacan eh…. dyos ko po ang layo!!!!

    • Moi says

      Hi Meong,

      For the walk-in site, you can pay and get your kits immediately. R.O.X is the only site that we can provide to accommodate you guys.

      These are the dates that you might want to visit our walk-in registration venue ( March 7,8,9,10,11 and 14,15,16,17,18) from to 2pm to 7pm.

  45. merrimeker says

    dyos ko po!!!!

    ang layo nga…..i’m from laguna at may dinadaanan akong malaking branch ng bdo sa sm calamba na bukas hanggang 8pm….sana pwede mag-register do’n….

    sa gas pa lang at toll papuntang bgc ay pwede na akong mag-register ng 2 katao….

    sayang lang….

    • Moi says

      Hi Mordecai,

      Yes. Please inform Jhef lim just to make sure that your slot that you registered online will not be deleted. Thanks.

  46. sherwin says

    hi Moi,

    may iba bang claiming dates kasi im out of the country on March 16-18..wla rin akong mapag utusan..can you inform me

    • Moi says

      Hi sherwin,

      For online registrants we will have the distribution at the main office. Other option but we don’t encourage, is to get the kits on race day. Please come early so it won’t be to much hassle for you.

      If anyone has the same situation with sherwin you might consider this option.

      Thank you.

  47. carla says

    Sir Moi,can you add more slots for 5K? as in closed na talaga?magreregister pa lang kami ng friends ko sa march 7.i think marami pa rin gustong mag run pero 5k and 3k lang.

    • Moi says

      HI guys,

      Based on the online registrants we already reach the maximum number of participants for 3k and 5k. However we are waiting for their payment to come in. In-cases they are not able to pay we will offer their slots on march 7 onward.

      We will keep you guys updated if there will be remaining slots on those two categories. Thank you.

  48. Moi says

    Hi Guys,

    Information to Everyone:
    Distribution of Race kits from MARCH 16 – 18, 2012 IS APPLICABLE ONLY TO ONLINE REGISTRANTS.


    Thank you.


    Just drop a simple comment… you have a nice advocacy, nice route, nice singlet, etc. and running place but the people behind the cause don’t really realize the reason of this and purpose. Very sad to say many runners want to support and experience the fun but behind the activity don’t want to extend their hands and effort to make this a very meaningful and successful one. In every event their is the reason…. Dedication, Time, Willingness, your Presence and Passion is the solution to see the fruits you plan… Good Luck to all and to all runners enjoy and fun.:D

  50. artsports says

    from the looks of it, 90% of those who wish to join the race ask so many questions. suggestion lang, from what you have experienced now, consider seriously all their questions and try to come up with a concrete solution to all their questions to avoid all these. sana pag dating sa race wala na masyadong complains like kulang sa tubig etc, etc…… be passionate about your work like we are with our run, health etc…….gud luck n God bless….

  51. allan says

    same here.. registered and nakapagbayad nko for the 10k race.. just wanna finish the race, it’s my first time anyway.. see yah all..

    • Moi says

      For online registrants:

      KITS distribution will on March 16, 17 and 18 at BDO North Tower, in Makati Ave Corner Dela Rosa Near Pacific Star Building. Please see BDO email confirmation/message for the procedure in claiming the kits.

      Thank you.

      Hope this information helps.

  52. sayaka says


    tanong lang po, naka pag registered na kami online sa 3K last January 26, medyo late na po kami, pwede pa ba kaming makahabol mag bayad sa BDO BANK bukas March 6?

    sana pwede pang mahabol bukas (please lang po.)

    GOD BLESS…thanks po.

  53. sayaka says


    tanong lang po, naka pag registered na kami online sa 3K last January 26, medyo late na po kami, pwede pa ba kaming makahabol mag bayad sa BDO BANK bukas March 6?
    sana pwede pang mahabol bukas (please lang po.)

    GOD BLESS…thanks po.

    • Moi says

      HI sayaka,

      Please contact jhef lim from BDO, to check if your data is still active for that category. Because we are cleaning up our file from the online registration that’s why we set a deadline for the payment.

      At this point I can’t guarantee anymore that you can still register for the 3k.

      Here’s his contact information (840-7062, 0922-8197915) for your reference. Thanks.

  54. rapiyogi says

    moi if theres gonna be available slots for those two, how can can we get those slots? is it online registration as well?

    • Moi says

      Hi rapiyogi,

      No Slots available anymore for 3k category. So as we open our walk-in registration at R.O.X. tomorrow we will be offering these categories (5k, 10k and 15k only).

      Online Registration already closed since Feb.29, 2012.

      Walk-in Registration site starts: March 7 – 18, 2012 ( 2pm to 7pm ).

      Hope this information helps. Thank you.

      • rapiyogi says

        im asking about incase of those who have slots wouldnt be able to pay, how are we gonna get their slots

        • Moi says

          Hi rapiyogi,

          For 3k: Payment should be on or before the deadline. If you wasn’t able to pay for it, and it pass the deadline you won’t get that slot anymore.

          For 5k: You only have up until today( March 6, 2012 – with confirmation from Jheff Lim regarding your payment), to pay for that slot.

          Hope this answer your query.

          • Moi says

            Hi repiyogi,

            To get the available slot, please register on our walk-in registration site at R.O.X. or at BDO Main Office.

            The answer that I posted refer to those who are part of the online registrants. If you are not part of it please disregard.

            Thank you.

    • Moi says

      Hi master Raner,

      We can only finalize the remaining slots for 5k by the end of today. We will offer the remaining slots at R.O.X. tomorrow.

      Hope that answer your query.

  55. Moi says

    To my Fellow runners,

    We will have a late opening tomorrow at R.O.X. To make sure that registration will be convenient to everyone. Please expect R.O.X. walk-in site to open around 5:30pm or 6pm. Sorry for the changes, this would just for tomorrow.

    The rest of the schedules starting March 8-18,2012 will start at 2pm at R.O.X.

    Hope the changes still can accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.

    Thank you.

      • Moi says

        Hi sheng,

        Just an information to everyone: We know that you have a busy schedules and we don’t want to take your time going to the registration site and not able to get your kits or register. We would ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO COME ON THURSDAY INSTEAD so we have enough time to completely fix all important details by tom. Sorry for a short delay. Normal schedules of both sites will resume on Thursday.

        Thank you.

    • Moi says

      MAKATI OFFICE: BDO North Tower, Makati Ave Corner Dela Rosa.

      Please Visit the Site in the afternoon( March 8, 2012) to make sure that everything is ready for you guys. Thank you.

  56. jhoy says

    tanong ko lang po, nagbayad na po yung friend ko for 5k, pero nung itsek ko po ung status ng registration eh registered / for payment pa rin poh xa.. nung feb 23 po xa nagbayad.. panu po un??

  57. noel says

    the first time i saw the ads for this fun run, im excited…. but after reading all the thread messages here, im hesistant to register. if i will compare the registration process to a cell phone, its not user friendly… ive been joining fun run events last year, and i dont have any problem with their registration.. though I love to support their advocay… but the hassle of registration made me decide to not to join anaymore… im still hoping that i can join with another BDO fun run without hassle in the near future

  58. Joseph Tom says

    Hi Moi and Jheff,

    Me and 3 of my friends registered already thru online last Feb 20. Is there any deadline for the payment at any BDO Branch? Please advise. Thanks!

  59. Bill says

    This is frustrating. I had already set this day (March 7) as the day I go to BGC and register. Now, you’re telling us to come on Thursday instead?

    Waw hebi, repapips. Jeproks ba kayo? Dehins lang kayo ang busy.

  60. runadik says

    oo nga, sangayon ako kay noel, i was willing and excited to join this event, pero when i try to register,, masyadong hustle ang online registration and there is no other way para maka register, and bkit required ang landline number? considering na lahat ng tao is naka cellphone na,, nakakapanghinayang lng,, sana nxt time di na ganyan ka hustle.. nakakahinayang tuloy..

  61. julius says

    sir ask ko san po talaga pede magreg ng walk in sa march 16 17 18?? kasi po para makita ko din yung singlet medyo po kasi magulo pag sa makati po sa batangas pa po kasi ako ngttrabaho thanks please pakisagot po =))

    • Moi says

      Hi julius,

      If you are part of the online registrants. You will claim you kits at BDO Corporate Tower,Makati Ave. Please see email from BDO procedure how to claim the kits.

      However if you not part of the online registrants, Please visit R.O.X.( Recreational Outdoor Experience Shop) at Boni High Street. WE HAVE an walk in site from 2pm to 7pm. from March 8 to March 18.

      Thank you.

  62. julius says

    at kung makikita pa po yung mga sizes ng small at medium pag pumunta sa in-store registration thanks =))

  63. says

    I was at the BDO office yesterday and had ZERO hassles filling up a form, picking my singlet size, and being taken care of by the FRIENDLY BDO staff (i.e. Mae and Len and Edz). Now I am just waiting for the event and I cannot wait.

  64. Michael Angelo Berdos says

    ano ba naman yan bdo..usapang 2pm sa rox start na kayo magdistribute ng singlet.. mag 3 na wala pa kayo…siningit lang namin to may work pa..bakit ba ganyan kainis

  65. julius says

    pag sa 16 17 18 nag pagregister sa rox makukuha na agad yung singlet sir pasagot naman gusto ko sumali dito batangas pa po ako manggagaling

  66. CJ says

    I registered sa Rox last wednesday. Unfortunately the singlets were not available as was previously posted pero so as not to waste precious time I decided to register and hold on to the promise of the personnel from Tri’n motion manning the booth that he would reserve the singlet for me.

    Sana po they make true to their promise kasi I’m trying to boycott Runrio for promises not delivered. It would be so sad if the same circumstances exist in tri’n motion also.

      • CJ says

        I completed all the RU last year they promised a special completion shirt wala. Then the Nike scam manila. haaayyy.
        I just heeded the advice of other runners na kung ayaw ko hanap ako ng ibang run. Tama naman sila dami naman Ibang run and mas mura pa and mas marami pa giveaways gaya lang ng “Eye run” kanina.

    • Moi says

      HI Newbie runner,

      If you are part of the online registrant, we can’t change your singlet size as it was the size that we ordered base on your registration form.

      For walk-in registrants, if there will be available size that you want, yes you can change your singlet size.

      hope this helps. Thank you.

  67. Rex says

    • Moi says

      Hi rex,

      Please contact Jheff lim so we can assist you further with your concern. Here’s his contact details ( 840-7062, 0922-8197915 ). His the one who has access with all registrants data base.

      Hope this information helps.

  68. Roseny says

    Pasagot naman po:

    I registered late(March 8)for 5k. Now ko lang nabasa na til Feb 29 ang last payment for 3k and 5k run. Kaya pala naghihintay ako ng confirmation email wala ako narecieve. Im so upset now. Pano po un? Please help.

    • Moi says

      Hi roseny,

      I would suggest to visit our walk-in sites already because we are closing our online registration process.

      Please visit R.O.X site we will be there up until March 18,2012.
      2pm to 7pm.

      Hope this information helps.

  69. Joms says

    For all organizers next time please include MOA as your place of registration lalo na at dun ninyo i held ang takbo… I also expect na meron registration sa MOA dahil BDO event ito at sa vicinity pa lng ng MOA ilan na ang BDO ang makikita mo… It really sucks na nagtitipid kayo sa singlet that proves na hindi sure ang organizer sa event na kanilang hahawakan kung bebenta ba… SHOUT OUT!! if ever you gonna held your run at MOA please make sure you include a place of registration there not always at Bonifacio… Historic runs are held at MOA not in Bonifacio… And for BDO please choose other organizer na mas maganda mag promote ng fund raising event eh ito marami pa gustong sumali syempre aminin natin iba habol ay singlet pero kung marami pa kau maproduce na singlet mas malaki ang maiipon para sa fund raising ninyo…

      • pyxcel says

        dami talaga asar sa mga races sa MOA na wala man lang reg site sa MOA itself … grrrr…..
        asar pati ang process na magdedeposit ka pa ng pera tapos magffax ng mga deposit slips… to make it worse – pipila ka pa to claim the kits … grrrr

  70. Joseph Tom says

    Please answer..

    4 kami na nag register online last feb pero hindi pa kami nag bayad agad. Binasa ko conversation dito sabi until feb 29 lang pala ang payment sa BDO branches. Paano un? hindi na kami pwede pang magbayad?

    • Mr. M says

      3K ba or 5K yung sinalihan nyo? You should call Jheff Lim @ 840-7062 kung may available pa na slots sa 3K and 5K. Pwede pa magbayad kung 10K or 15K.

      • Moi says

        Hi joseph,

        We already stop the online registration.

        For those who register online but are not able to pay on the deadline your online registration are not valid anymore.

        But you can register on our walk-in site at R.O.X ( Bonifacio High Street, Taguig). Where you can pay and get your kits immediately.

        Thank you.

  71. Roseny says

    Waiting for reply!!!

    Been calling this number 840-7062 wala sumasagot. Pls answer our inquiries. Para naman po di mabalewala ung effort namin, sayang naman ung binayad ko. I myself I want to run this event pero parang ang gulo.
    Thank you.

    • Moi says

      Hi roseny,

      Please contact this numbers or send an SMS to Jhef lim. (0922-8197915), because we are already closed our online registration and open our walk-in registration at R.O.X to accommodate everyone last March 8,2012.

      Thank you.

  72. Michael Angelo Berdos says

    pakisagot naman po itong tanong ko..since walang kasamang time chip ang race kit, paano po namin malalaman ang time namin at sa part nyo naman pano nyo madetermine ang first 100 finishers?..or magprovide ba kayo ng time chip? mahalaga kasi sa amin ang result ng tinakbo namin thanks

    • Moi says

      Hi micheal,

      Don’t worry we will provide the time for everyone who join the race. And at the same time, its our technical team that will determine the top 100 for 10k and 15k, and top 50 for 5k and 3k.

      Thank you.

  73. Elgene says

    question…what if hindi makuha yung race kit on said date (march 18, 2012), puwede ba ito makuha on race day??? hoping for the organizers immediate response

  74. Michael Angelo Berdos says

    @moi..sir just to be clear..magprovide po ba kayo ng time chip for everyone or time clock lang sa start/finish line?

    • moi says

      Hi michael,

      We are using a barcoded timing system. So we don’t have a timing chips.

      Hope this information helps.

  75. eiya says

    hi im an employee and i registered on line with RN0003154 but im going to get a tatoo prepaid broadband tomorrow how can i avail the free singlet or registration? my sister went to globe shop but they dont have that promo how was it? im here in batanes i am going to authorize my sister to do it for me. can she just buy a tatoo broadband for me so i can avail the free singlet? pls i need a reply tomorrow is the deadline and im going back to mla by 22march. pls help me with my concern i am going to take the 10k


    • moi says

      Hi eiya,

      Regarding the promo, please coordinate with Jhef lim. I understand that you will only get a discount and not a free registration. Please check promo details for your reference.


  76. sayaka says

    suggest ko lang sa BDO ORGANIZER, sa finisher shirt na ibibigay after ng run, small, meduim, large, and extra large, na dapat mag kahiwalay ang booth, para hindi gaanong humaba ang pila, gaya ng ginawa ng HSBC last year.


    • lady_in_red says

      i went to BDO yesterday and may isang nagtanong regarding the finisher shirt. the BDO guy replied na its free size daw. 😐

    • pyxcel says

      since the shirt is given to all finisher, sana magkakaiba ang stations ng pag claim for each category.
      Kawawa naman ang mga tumakbo ng longer distances at baka maubusan, lalo na pag mejo sa tail end ng pack.
      palagi na lang nauubusang ng finisher stuff ang mga long distance runners …

    • OLDRUNNER says

      I agree maganda nga ang sytema ng HSBC last year sa finisher shirt. halos walang pilahan kasi may sizes booth sila.

  77. john says

    bar coded timing chip or technical assistant to determine the top 50 or 100? wala pong timing chip nga. yes,sa finish line puede technically madedetermine na nagfinish sila, eh kung dumaan ba talaga yung mga runners dun sa route paano nyo masasabi na dumaan lahat ng runners sa mga check points. sinabi nyo na lang sana na walang timing chip sa information nyo. runners kasi are concious rin in time record nila. sana naconsider nyo ito.

    • cyanide09 says

      Mahirap dito, they will base the time sa gun start. Paano kung nasa dulo ka ng pack and you finish the race at a sub-piolo time (47 minutes) from start to finish sa 10k? I don’t understand rin na why it’s that expensive and bar code lang gamit nila sa timing. Yakult has a RFID included in their pack and the fee for the 16k is only 450 pesos.

  78. master mamerto says

    got my race kit already and ready to run.. I hope hindi maging riot sa bigayan ng medal sa finish line at di kayo tapunan ng napakaraming complain after the event. I hope that you planned pretty well your event, from starting line up to the line going to the finishers kit area. Sana most of the runners will be satisfied if not all..Suggestion, yung mga medal na ibibigay nyo for each category ay bitbit na ng mga mapagkakatiwalaang tao nyo para di magkulang. For 25k runners, yung 100 na medal ay bitbit nyo na sa finish line, pag naubos na yun ibig sabihn, 100 na ang dumating na runners, dapat tutugma din yan pag naglabas kayo ng race result, baka kasi may mga kamag anak ng employee nyo o empleyado nyo mismo ang manghingi ng medal kahit di pumasok sa top 100. hehehe..GOODLUCK BDO!!

  79. Michael Angelo Berdos says

    ill just enjoy na lang every moment ng run wala naman time chip..sino sama magbarefoot hehe

  80. john says

    grabe sobrang hassle ng race kanina. As expected kasi nga registration pa lang may problema na, paano pa mismo sa race day. how would you say technical ang pagdetermine ng time eh manual nga. staff yo lang nagrerecord ng time and ranking. dun lang sa top finisher (100 for 16k..10k etc) na may medal ang nirecord manually.after nun umalis na yung mga tao nyo. concious po ang mga runners sa result ng ranking and time nila.
    Hindi na ako ako uulit dito.

  81. john says

    @master mamerto, binigay nila yung medal sa stage na kaya doubtful,sana nung pagkadating sa finish linebinigay nila at kung naubos yun ibig sabihin wala ka na dun satop finisher.inanounce lang sa mike yung no. ng bib hindi man lang finalash sa screen.pag vinerify mo manually lang sulat ballpen.yan ba ang technical. di na talaga ako uulit dito

    • jhoy says

      tama un, dapat binigay na kagad ung mga medals pagdating pa lang sa finish line.. tsaka dapat may binigay sa mga runners nung nag-U-turn para sure sila na di nag-short cut ung ibang runners.. sa 5k kasi eh walang ibinigay.. tapos hindi naman lahat ng dumaan sa U turn eh inilista ung number..

  82. Girlie says

    I hope next time mag start kayo on time- one hour delayed is too much. the runners are early kahit umuulan they made it on time. Nasikatan nakami ng haring draw at ang daming sasakyan.

  83. python says

    hmmm….un organized,..kulang ang hydration station at pwede lumaktaw para maka top 50 lng,..sana next time, maganda na ang preparation,..

    • says

      Napansin ko to nung nasa Diokno Blvd ako, meron mga runners na nagshortcut, kasi nagtanong ako sa marshall kung lahat ng category doon daan, oo daw.. yung pwesto ko is in the last corner to the finish line, nagtataka ako kung bakit may mga ibang runners di dumaan sa tamang route.

      • jhoy says

        wala kasi silang ibinibigay na katibayan na dumaan ka sa tamang route.. kung meron lang nun, naiwasan sana ung mga nagshort cut at napasma sa top 50..

  84. Elgene says

    tama si sir john, almost all runners are conscious on their result/s. as for me am competing against myself para mka-set ako ng target sa next race. mga organizers, panu po namin malaman ang EXACT results/time ng race?

  85. says

    …… may hydration nga pero hindi strategic pagkakalagay……. isa sa mga inaabangan ko ung raffle. pre drawn daw….. eh ano silbi ng mga raffle stub n nakalagay sa bib…… tsaka what if ung nanalo ala na dun….. san mapupunta yung prize…. usually kasi ung mga present ang pwede mag calim ng prize (sa other event kasi ,bubunutin nila ung mga raffle stub, kung wala n ung winner disqualified na. they need to draw another stub….. swerte ung mga nga aantay kung sila mananalo). eh dito s bdo run. pre drawn pano mo malalaman kung nandun p yung tao….. eh pano kung umalis na eh ndi nila makukuha yung prize/ san mapupunta yon? actually pwede nga mandaya para sa top 100 kasi ala naman nagmomonitor dun sa turn around. dapat may binibigay sila color coded na tali…. nag expect p naman ako dito sa run na eto. considering its BDO…….

  86. allan says

    konsensya na nila yun kung nag shortcut sila, haha… sarili naman nila yung niloloko nila eh… ako happy na natapos ko yung 10k.. i’ts my first time anyway….

  87. notsooldrunner says

    finish 10K @ 1:11 base sa official time nila when i cross the finish line.
    Negative comment:
    1. pagkuha ng race kit pahirapan.
    2. late ang start ng almost 1 hour.
    3. dalawang hydration station walang supply ng tubig/pocari.
    4. lubak lubak ang roxas blvd.
    5. pahirapan kumuha ng maliit na bottle ng pocari
    6. hiram makipagpatentero sa kalsada dahil kulang sa marshall
    7. Question: para saan pala iyong raffle?

    1. ganda lang ng design ng singlet (pero masama ang tela binarat ng husto)
    2. nothing more….

    • Aye Sison says

      sama rin ako sa medirun… tara budz para may kasabay ako….. just email me then reply ako with my cel number

  88. says

    1ST yon roxas blvd lubak-lubak at may bisikleta, motor, may naka wheelchair matanda, at meron pa rin mga di kasali or no bib nasa roxas blvd. 2ND Pocari Station ubos na sana combine yon water at pocari di naman lahat type ang Pocari ei, 3RD Next time Dont Delay the GUN START SATURDAY PA LANG AYUSIN NYO NA YON DADAANAN NG RACE….

  89. chillz says

    im happy that im part of the top 100k in the 10k category. medyo may dayaan nga lng akong naamoy pag dating ko sa finish line halos nasa top 27 ako when i check the “Manual Time Sheet” then un awarding n ng medal halos nasa huli n ako. feel ko mas binigyan nla ng favor un mga BDO employees.

  90. Shaider says

    Same question of rundedehlzrun …. where do we find the official results and other photos of this event?

  91. Elaine says

    I’m not surprised at the poor way they handled this. I hate going to the BDO bank kasi nga ganun sila. I’m glad I didn’t join this one. :)

  92. john says

    calling to the organizers, where is the race result if truly bar coding system (post @Moi, March 17) sa BIB ang ginamit nyo na pagdetermine ng time na inyong ipinagmamalaki! @Chills, ” I agree, “manual time sheet” and I am curious during race day, bakit nila tinatanong na BDO employees pagdating sa finish line eh obviously na BDO sila dahil naka-uniform singlet sila? Sana pinagamit nyo na lang yung Adidas King of the Road na RFID. Nakalagay logo nyo dun as sponsor, tapos dito sa mismong race nyo very very poor ang inyong ways sa pagdetermine ng time! kaya pag trimotion ang organizer sa anumang race, di na ako sasali!

  93. heartbreaker says

    official result display BDO employees only. too bad we paid the same but they were given the highest priority. sana ginawang exclusive na lang for BDO employees. poor event as compared to other organizers, no way you can cheat at turn points kc my track record di tulad dito walang record. i wont join the BDO RUN until it’s organized

  94. jun ryan says

    how can I claim my medal in 15K? I’m in top 100. I thought it will be awarded upon arrival at the finish line. I went home after the race for important matters but according to my friend it was announced in the stage in the later part of the race program.

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