How fast should you run or walk?

I am often asked how fast should one run in a race or even walk during training or in a race.  Unless there is a cut off time, then I would always say to run at your own pace.  But finally, here is an answer with scientific basis.  Walk or run at a speed of at least 3 miles per hour or 4.83 kph.  That is a pace of  12 minutes per kilometer or 20 minutes per mile.

The study was conducted for senior citizens.  The team of researchers, based at Concord Hospital in Sydney, followed more than 1,700 older men for five years, studying the walking speeds of those who died and those who didn’t.  During the five years that the men were followed, 266 died. Overall, their pace was slower than that of those who survived.

“As none of the men in the study with walking speeds of [3 miles per hour] or greater had contact with Death, this would seem to be the Grim Reaper’s most likely maximum speed; for those wishing to avoid their allotted fate this would be the advised walking speed,” the authors wrote.

While this study was geared for older men and women, the researchers did mention that slow walking is probably a marker for poor health.  If you want to live longer, move faster.

Run faster

So here are the minimum finish time you need to accomplish to run faster than Death.

3K – 00:37:16.94
5K – 01:02:08.23
10K – 02:04:16.45
16K – 03:18:50.33
Half marathon – 04:22:11.25
Marathon – 08:44:22.5

Keep on running. 😀

Read more about the study here.


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