Soleus GPS 1.0 Watch Review

Soleus GPS 1.0 Sports Watch has caught the attention of runners for its price tag. For only 6,150 Php, its the best value GPS watch available. I have been using the GPS watch for almost a month and it is worth it.  A list of features are posted in this article [Soleus GPS 1.0 Watch sells for 6,150].

Here’s my product review of the Soleus GPS 1.0 Watch.

Soleus GPS 1.0


Best Value – It has the lowest price in the market but delivers the neccessary features for a running watch. Some advanced features may not be available but I usually stick to the basic functions anyway like Time, Pace and Distance.  The Soleus GPS watch gives you everything you need and nothing that you dont need.

Simple to Use – Press the GPS button. Wait for the satellites to lock. Run. It’s that simple. I did not even read the manual to use it the first time. But the manual will be useful to maximize the available features.

Fast Satellite Linking – On the average, it takes less than 3 minutes. A couple of times it was even less than a minute to lock the satellites.  No long wait times.  Just run.

Soleus GPS Watch

Satellites locks faster with the Soleus GPS 1.0

Good Battery Life – The specs says it can last 8 hours but I haven’t run that long with the GPS watch yet.  From my experience, a full charge is good for 3-4 runs of 10K each in a week.

Fairly accurate – The measured distance by Soleus GPS 1.0 is comparable to the Garmin and Google Maps.  So I can say that it is fairly accurate.  But based on my observation, it registers a distance a few meters longer than my Garmin.  I’ll do a comparison next time.

Smaller and Lighter Form – Compared to most GPS Watches, Soleus GPS watch is much smaller and lighter.  It looks more identical to most watches.   Women would prefer its small form factor.  It will fit their wrists just fine.

Soleus and Garmin GPS

It doesn’t look obvious in the photo but Soleus GPS is smaller and lighter.


Small LCD Display – It’s smaller form resulted to smaller display.  The letters and numbers are thin.  I have to bring the watch closer to my face to see the information about my run.  But at least, the display doesn’t look crowded.

Delete All – Soleus GPS watch can store up to 30 of your saved runs.  However, the menu to view the saved runs and the menu to delete all of them is a few buttons away.  In fact, I accidentally deleted all of my saved runs twice.  So be careful when viewing your previous runs.  Hopefully, Soleus will fix this.  A simple confirmation screen may help.

Soleus GPS Watch

Be careful.  One button to go and say bye bye to your saved runs.

Few Customizations –  The screen displays and settings are mostly fixed.  Time is on the top most line, next line is the distance, and the last line is either the time of day, speed or pace.  Pretty much fixed and there is no option to select which goes on which line.  The selection for the Autolap feature is also limited to certain numbers.  If you want a setting for a Yasso 800, you can’t have an autolap at 800 meters.

Poor Alert Features –  It only gives a faint beep during autolaps and other alerts.  I can hardly hear the beep when running on a busy street.  I got used to the vibration alert with the Garmin.  But it helps if you don’t want to get distracted in your run.



Overall, I find the Soleus GPS 1.0 the best value GPS Watch in the market.  It’s just the right running sports watch at just the right price.  While the features are not as extensive as other brands, it provides the basic features to get your started in more serious trainings.


Youc can buy Soleus Running Watches in the Philippines at the following stores:

  • TimeGear – TriNoMa Mall, Quezon City
  • TimeGear – SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
  • LTimeStudio – Market! Market!, Taguig City
  • LTimeStudio – PowerPlant Mall, Makati City
  • LTimeStudio – SM Megamall, Pasig City
  • LTimeStudio – The Podium Mall, Pasig City
  • LTimeStudio – Robinson’s Galleria, Pasig City
  • LTimeStudio – SM The Block, Quezon City
  • LTimeStudio – Festival Mall, Muntinlupa City
  • LTimeStudio – Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
  • LTimeStudio – SM City Southmall Las Pinas, Muntinlupa City
  • LTimeStudio – SM City Valenzuela
  • LTimeStudio – SM San Lazaro, Manila City
  • LTimeStudio – SM City Marikina
  • LTimeStudio – Robinson’s Ermita, Manila City
  • LTimeStudio – Sta. Lucia Mall
  • LTimeStudio – SM City Clark, Pampanga City
  • LTimeStudio – SM City Lipa, Batangas City
  • LTimeStudio – SM City Pampanga, Pampanga City
  • LTimeStudio – SM City Batangas, Batangas City
  • LTimeStudio – SM City Sta Rosa
  • LTimeStudio – Marquee Mall, Pampanga City
  • The Landmark Department Store



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