Charity Fun for Gabby 3/5/10K (QC)

Charity Run for Gabby will be held on June 17, 2012 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.  This charity run is for the benefit of Gabby, a child with SSPE (degenerative disease).

Charity Run for Gabby
June 17, 2012
Quezon City Memorial Circle


3K, 5K, 10K


3K = Php 350
5K = Php 450
10K = Php 550


SYDP Office
7th Floor Building B
Civic Center Building
Quezon City Hall


Annaliza B. Baldonado



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  1. JP says

    aww kasabay ng RU2. I will try to give here kahit sa RU ako tatakbo pero ang mga namamahalan sa RU e dapat dito na lang. We have to help Gabby.

    • sheila delicano says

      Hi JP,

      Thank you very much for including Gabby in your thoughts.

      Yes, this is a Charity Run for my son Gabriel who is suffering from a disease called SSPE ( Sub-Acute Sclerosing Panencephalitis). It is a degenerative disease caused by a persistent measles virus. In a matter of 6 months, Gabby was disabled by this disease and until now there is no cure. However, he was advised of a STEM CELL ( the latest technology for terminal illnesses) but the cost is very huge. We need million already. As Gabby is very brave and willful boy, he deserve it. We hope that you could help us gather runners for his Charity Run. Should you need a registration form, please let me know when and how to hand them over to you. Kindly take a look at Gabriel’s website (though not yet updated) for further reference. Thank you.

      Gabby’s mom,

        • JP says

          Hi po. Thanks for the replies. I Suggest you guys try to put up event posters in nearby schools like Claret, Holy Family, St. Vincent’s, UP and Ateneo. Good luck!

          • sheila delicano says

            Thank you JP. We wil the way, while we are already working on the reposting of our fun run details in this website, kindly be informed that the coordinators agreed to lwer down the 10K costto only Php 550.00

            Kindly support us!


        • allie acosta says

          wala pa ba info regarding this? i want to join pro walang form na ifill up d q alm san magbbyad. walang singlet design dn po. i left my contact details sna nmn po mkapagreply n ung mom ni gabby or the organizers for this..

        • says

          Hi Yashane,

          What I am doing with the Takbo registrants is I send them the registration form and they just deposit the payment to our bank account. Once the payment has been done, we will deliver in person the running kits.

          Please give me your email address should you be running.


      • allie acosta says

        i did nt receive the forms yet thru my email :( i can pm you my office address. y is it hard to join here?isnt it public?y cnt u just download the form here mrs sheila and also the singlet design? just wondering

    • allie acosta says

      hi i am interested to run atleast 3k kz im a beginner. Ask q lng all proceeds will go to gabby? pati may mobile nmbr ba n pwd q kontakin? may singlet rn po ba?

  2. andy says

    pwd po bang give some info about gabby?
    diko po kasi sya kilala’
    thank you po “, MORE POWER! AND GODBLESS!

    • sheila delicano says

      Hi Andy,

      If you could see the reply I sent to JP about Gabby, that is his details, or better yet, take a look at his website for further reference.

      Please help us in this charity run for Gabs.

      God Speed,
      Gab’s mom

  3. jaypz says

    hindi po ba masyadong mahal ang 900 for 10k tapos 450 lang for 5k? mas mahal pa po sa RU yung 10k. gusto ko sanang tumakbo kung mas mura lang yung 10k eh. I’m sure mas madami ring makakatakbo kung mas mura yung 10k. hope you will consider it. :)

    • sheila delicano says

      HI Jaypz,

      Would you mind telling me about the 10K cost of RU? I will communicate this to the organizers.

      Gab’s mom

      • sheila delicano says

        Hi Jaypz,

        Please be informed that we will be lowering down the 10K cost to Php550 only. We are working on the revisions of the details and we will repost it.

        I hope to see you there.


  4. notsooldrunner says

    please re-evaluate the price for you to encourage more runners. 550 for 10K would be reasonable.(just a suggestion)

    • sheila delicano says

      Hi all,

      Thank you for this info. Let me coordinate this to the organizers and I will get back to you.

      Thank you very much.


      • sheila delicano says


        Please be informed that the coordinators agreed to lower down the 10K cost to Php 550 only. We are working on the revisions of the details and we will repost.

        I hope to see you there.


          • sheila delicano says

            Thank you very much. we will post also the registration form and you may just send us the through email so you dont have to go to the booth. Then if you want, we may just collect from you the payments, side by side by giving you the running kits.

            Thank you very much.

          • sheila delicano says

            BTW you metioned Batch 88. Are we from the same school?!! If so, thank you very much and it will be easier for me to get in touch with you…perhaps personaly, the better.

            On Sat and Sun (April 21 and 22) I will be in the sports event venues to manage the booth.

            Thanks again!

        • notsooldrunner says

          yes were from the same school and i saw you in the culianista sportsfest opening ceremony. batchmate ko din si shane jordan. please finalized the details of the charity run para maipadala ko sa running club namin. may kasabay sya iyong unilab but its worth the try.

    • sheila delicano says


      Yes we have Jersey running shirt. It is going to be a big fun run activity. Kindly join and please bring along friends with you.


          • sheila delicano says

            Maraming Salamat.

            The registration is alreaday on-going. We will post also the registration form and kindly just send back to us. Then once we get your details as well as you jersey size, we may just collect the payment either we collect it from your office/house or you may just deposit the payment to our organization’s bank account.

            Thank you and may God give you back the blessings.

    • sheila delicano says

      Maraming Salamat Edd.

      Kindly just wait for the posting of our registration form. Then kindly just distribute to your friends and send us back the filled up reg forms. Once we get your details as well as your jersey sizes, then we may collect the payments na either depositing it to the organization’s bank account or we may collect it personally to our house or office.

      Thanks so smuch for helping Gabby.

  5. JP says

    Hi po. Suggest ko din po sa inyo na maglagay ng event posters sa mga bulletin boards ng mga gyms sa mga malls like Slimmer’s World, Gold’s Gym at Fitness First sa SM at Trinoma at iba pang malapit na malls.

    Baka medyo stingy sila or magcharge ng fee pero try nyo na lang po iconvince na para sa batang nangangailangan talaga. Kung meron jan pwede magpost sa neighborhood gym nila, okay din yon. Good luck po ulet ate Sheila

    • sheila delicano says

      Hi JP,

      Thank you so much for giving us ideas. we need it since we are new to organizing this kind of event. Really for charity lang kasi.

      Hope to see you there JP!


  6. Antukin says

  7. JayBee says

    • sheila delicano says

      Hi Jaybee,

      I have sent the reg forms to your email add already.

      Yes the fun run is pushing through.

      Kindly just send back the filled up reg forms to my email add and you may just deposit the payment to our bank account.

      I hope to see you there Jaybee!


  8. says

    hi mam shiela me and my frnds want to join in this event to help gabby…can u please send me a details and email reg form.tnxs. we want to support this event.tnxs

  9. says

    • says

      Hi Kenji,

      Actually we already sent the singlet to the moderator’s email add but he is not yet posting it. Kindly wait a while.

      The registration is until June 26.


  10. Kevin says

  11. evangeline v. barreiro says

    Can you please send me the registration form and the singlet design( if there is). I will invite my friends to join here since were near in QC circle and also to help gabby. thank you :)

  12. mikechete says

    where can we find more infos about this run? is there any contact number where we can call? where else can we register? are there online registration or meet ups. i only live in tomas morato area. we are interested in joining. can you give us more details please. thank you!

  13. Elijah Kipruto says

  14. yael says

    hi there, i saw the streamers a few days ago, sa tabi lang kasi ng pinto ng office yun nakalagay, nagdadalawang isip ako na tumakbo until i read those posts about gabby. sana maraming sumali. we’ll be there. its our way of celebrating fathers day.

  15. winston says

    Hi Sheila,
    Can I just show up on the morning of the run and bring a small donation for your gabby? I will also run never mind if walang singlet or lootbag or freebies and medals. Request lang ng hydration kahit 2 points along the route of the 10k(kahit water lang k na yun)

  16. allie acosta says

    will the qc office be open tomorrow for late registrants? will it be office hours. pls reply. Thanks. Godbless :) iv waited at people support from 9:30am-10:30am bt i was not able to get my singlet and give my registration as well. :(

    • says

      HI Allie,

      Super apolgy on this, the person who will be meeting you(suppsed to be me but I’ve been sooo busy)overlooked his appointment with you.

      Please just register onsite. Look for me and I will be the one to hand over to you your singlet and race tag. So sorry for that.

      This is my no. 09178866114.

      See you tomorrow.


  17. elbren b. neri says

  18. elbren b. neri says

    maam, salamat po. tanung ko lang po kung my prize po ba?
    yong QC hall po ba ay malapit lang po sa circle?

    • JP says

      yup magkatapat lang yung QC Hall at Quezon city memorial circle sa elliptical road.

      Pakiusap lang po yung di makakarating sa RU2 dito na lang pumunta sa Charity run for Gabby thanks. Good luck to us all!

  19. HUNTER says

    Magpalang araw po… after po ng race ng PETRON… magpupunta po ako dito para makapagbigay ng kaunting tulong…

    Kapayapaan po sa inyong lahat.

  20. mikechete says

    Hay wala naman nag deliver ng kit saamin! Wala rin reply sa text… San part ba regiatration sa city hall? Sa front ba ng circle or sa parking?

  21. mikechete says

    Hay very unorganized event. We tried to register kanina wala na raw singlet. Sana di nalang nag post na register on site para di na kami nagpunta. Sayang lang effort namin!

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