Riovana: A Runner’s Haven in Every Detail

Riovana Running Store is now open in two key locations in Metro Manila. The store is part of Coach Rio’s vision to be able to help each and every runner achieve his or her own running nirvana, preparing each and every runner’s body and soul.

Riovana:  The Sole of Running


Riovana is a one stop shop for your running needs. It’s not just a store for running shoes and running apparels. You can also find exclusive brands of hydration equipments, specialty socks, energy gels and bars, sports watches, GPS watches and the latest running gadgets.

Riovana stores carries top products of running shoes, apparels, gadgets and more.

Riovana also sets itself apart from other concept stores by offering a 3-camera set up for Gait Analysis. The first and only in the country. A gait analysis is a method of checking the movement and posture of an individual in order to find the right pair of shoes. This is a free service and highly qualified personnel will help you find the best fit. The gait analysts at Riovana are also runners, running coaches and former members of RP team. You can be assured that analysis is accurate and credible.

The 3-camera Gait Analysis is the most advanced system in the country today.

Choosing the right shoe is easier at Riovana. The shoes are arranged in different categories based on the runner’s fitness level. The Bronze Level is best suited for beginners. The shoes provide basic cushion and support. They are more suited for short mileage runs. The Silver Level is best for runners who do more mileage in training to develop endurance. It has more cushion and support for those rigorous trainings. The Gold Level is mostly lightweight running shoes. They are best suited for runners who love speed trainings and tempo runs.

Running Shoes are categorized as Bronze Level, Silver Level and Gold Level.
Choosing the perfect pair has never been easier.

Runners will surely feel at home inside the store. All the details in the store, from the displays and decors, have the runner’s best interest in mind. A fire hydrant greets you upon entering the store. Step inside and you’d see the street lanes and pedestrian lane at the center. When you approach the cashier, a race clock and a podium is right in front making you feel you are right in a middle of a race!

Street lanes make you want to run around the store to test those shoes.

The fire hydrant inside the store makes future runners happy and at home.

Feel like a winner once you reach the cashier with this podium design.

Time is running.  But take your time in choosing at the wide selection of running products.


Runners get to hang out at Riovana with its Community Board where runners can interact with fellow runners. Riovana also hosts some serious running clinics with running coaches to prepare you for your next races. Be sure to drop by the store to get their latest schedules or clinics and talks.

Runners can also register in upcoming races at Runrio and partner events inside Riovana. Four computer terminals are dedicated as a registration center making registration at the best and quality races more accessible and fast.

Registration is made easy at Riovana stores.

With Soul-searching at Riovana, runners are able to hang out, find running buddies and share their running stories. Having this connection with the community, you just might find your ‘sole’ mate as well.

And if you can’t wait to run with your newly purchased shoes or apparel, you can simply leave your bags at the secured lockers at Riovana. After the run, you can freshen up at Riovana with its shower facilities.

After a long run around the area, freshen up at the shower facilites at Riovana.


Capping off this wonderful Riovana experience is the Sole Healing. It’s a massage/recovery center for runners by sports doctors, orthopedic surgeons and therapists who will help you manage sports injuries, ease sore muscles, relax and have a memorable post-running experience.

Experience Sole Healing:  Relax and recover with qualified doctors and therapists.

Running has never been this complete and blissful.  Experience this journey now. Visit Riovana at the following addresses: Ground Floor Active Fun Building 9th Avenue Corner 28th Street Bonifacio Global City near Honda BGC and at the 3rd Floor of the Regis Center Building, Loyola Heights Quezon City in front of Ateneo de Manila University.



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