Milo Marathon Manila 2012 – Results and Photos

Milo Marathon 2012 Results

Race results for the 36th Milo Marathon 2012 Manila Elimination Leg. Congratulations for finishing the Milo Marathon Manila 2012. How was your run? Rate your race results below and share your experience with fellow runners in the comments section.

Got photos at the Milo Marathon Manila? Share them at the comments sections too.

Milo Marathon Manila 2012 Results

July 29, 2012
SM Mall of Asia

3K Overall Results
5K Overall Results
10K Overall Results
21K Overall Results
42K Overall Results

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Milo Marathon Manila 2012 Photos

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  1. winston says

    I subbed 4 hours for my full mary! The rain helped and getting chicked at the last 3 kilometers made me do it haha. The funny thing was i had no ride going home and no money kaya takbo na uli pauwi. Haay for the love of running talaga. Mabuhay tayong lahat na mananakbo!!!!

  2. Arnie says

    So far okay ang run mejo nag ka problema lang sa Baggage Claims mejo nagkagulo and may mga nabasang bags.

    Anyway the run was good and my 1st Half Mary and did great umabot sa cut-off time kaya may medal and loot-bag…

    Very happy with my medal until I saw the medals of the 42K runners nanliit yung medal ko…
    He he he…

    Ang saya nung last 500 meters bigla umulan ng kaya refreshing bago mag finishline…

    Next year dito ulit ako mag debut ng Full Marathon ko masaya…

    See you next year runners!

    • jilux says

      congrats po…. 1st time ko rin 21k…. buti di pumutok binti ko…..ok khit medyu maulan ..mahalaga nag qualify tayo sa national final…..

  3. says

    this is my first half mary and i really had fun just some negative side on the km marks and the baggage counter that made our bags as wet as us runners… d bags didnt participate in the run so why its also wet? haaissst!! anyway in general it was great and the rain really helped in the last kilometer prior to the finishline… great job milo and rio

  4. backseat_driver says

    I ran the 21k and my time is the same as RU2 – argh, am I plateauing at 2:13??? I took quicker water breaks naman.

    Got side stitch the last 500m :( when it started raining hard. I think I get side stitch when the weather drops. Any tips?

    • run says

      try hydrating properly before the race bro and try running your target race pace in a sustained effort during your training. Ako within 48 hours to 1week before the race consume ako plenty of water tapos within 48 hours sa gunstart I drink gatorade 2 liters if I am properly hydrated minimal and water breaks ko tapos practice mo sustain running with your target pace halimbawa gusto mo nang sub 2 sanayin mo tumakbo nang below 5.40 min umpisa ka sa 5k hangang kaya mo na 16k to 21k then apply sa race day. Good luck =)

  5. Vaughn says

    I survived my first marathon! Woot! Woot! Clocked it @ 5hrs and 40min (unofficial) also broke my 21k time by a margin of 2mins. I had lots of fun! I drew strength from other runners tapping their hands everytime they pass me, but most of all I drew strength from God. I kept reciting Isiah 40:31 everytime I felt like goving up. I am now officially a marathoner!

    • Yani says

      Isaiah 40:31

      31 but those who hope in the Lord
      will renew their strength.
      They will soar on wings like eagles;
      they will run and not grow weary,
      they will walk and not be faint.

      Nice verse! Congrats Vaughn! Kayo na! :))

    • Vaughn says

      Thank you din po and congratulations to all of you as well! Vaughn now crosses out marathon from the list and eyes the next item…..”Ultramarathon!”…..okay…..back to reality. XD

  6. bot says

    swabe na takbo debuted my half mary sumobra lang ng dalwang minuto sa target time kaso swak aprin not bad 2hrs 2 mins .. swabe din mga marshals nakikipag high five sila nakakapawi ng pagod sa kamalasan lang trinangkaso ako after ng race wahahhahhahha… ilabas na pics ng 21k ..hehe

  7. mark says

    salamat po ng marami sa volunteers ng takbo ph…

    nakatulong ng malaki ang nahingi kong kalahating saging sa aid station sa may pasong tamo.

    maraming salamat at malaki ang naitulong nyo sa akin at nakamit ko ang isa kong pangarap bilang mananakbo… ang maging qualifier sa milo.

  8. jenny says

    Nice medal! It is now my favorite among my medals! haha! The biggest Medal I’ve got so far.. Yahoo!

    Just want also too say “Thank you” for the group of runners/marshal of along Pasong Tamo Station..

    Sila nga ung nag encourage and nag cheer sa amin. thanks sa salt, ung Pain Killers and the bananas..

    I browsed it and there names are Jobert, Racs, Dina, Aljim, etc. (sorry ung di ko na nabanggit ung iba) pero SALAMAT ng MARAMI sa inyo.. Sobrang ON-Pain na mga binti and I had liked to quit but your Cheers help me to finish the race..

    Thanks to MILO (Nestle Phils.) and RUNRIO for the organizing the wonderful event..

  9. akazukinkarina says

    I wish maka run din ako ng kahit 16K then 21K. Nakaka inspire mga full marathon runners, ang galing nila. :)

  10. says

    Grabe, this is my first marathon and only my second race.. my first was 21 km Merrel Adventure Run last month. No previous race experience, only seven months in running, but made it to the finish line in 4 hrs and 39 mins (1 month preparation).. Crazy! Pero Astig!! hehe.. Next sight, the Nationals Next Year

  11. Ron says

    First time ko ring tumakbo ng half-mary. Patayan, pero masarap sa pakiramdam. Umiinit ang mga paa mo kahit umuulan. Ibang feeling. Looking forward for the full marathon. Enjoy. Sayang lang, I got my Medal pero sana ginawan na lang ng paraan para lahat meron din. Un lang. :)

  12. triumphalism says

    Pagpupugay sa mga naghirap at nag organized! Sa mga staff, empleyado at ka manggagawa na naging bahagi ng event na mahusay na napatupad! mabuhay kayong lahat!

  13. Raquel G.Albina says

    wonderful funrun…it’s for a good cause for the less fortunate boys and girls in our country…filipinos are always #1 for that matter…bravo to all who join the milo funrun…and congratulations to all the staff and organizers of the milo funrun…thumbs up to all of you guys…

  14. Gerard Belbes says

    nice experience..pero i forgot to claimb ny 42KM finisher shirt? any idea where i can claim it? :(

  15. Bem says

    Nice experience.. and a new hobby to be fond of.. Hope nextyear there would be a baggage counter na for 3k/5k runners for my kid’s stuffs :)

  16. Alejandro Vidarte Munoz says

    I like to know what rank I finish in the 21 kilometer race and what is my time in the race? There are how many men and women in the race? :)

    • Alejandro Vidarte Munoz says

      I read the 21K results but it’s not complete. Can you put all the complete results or show me my rank and time? :)

  17. Jessie says

    I enjoyed it a lot. The rain at the end of the finish line was also great. Parang nawala lahat ang pagod mo. :)

    Congrats Coach Rio and Milo.

  18. cybermumu says

    I am a buzzer-beater for the 42K 6hours cut-off! The clock shows 5:59:54 when I crossed the finishline! Everyone is cheering for me at the last 100 meters and it feels so good to conquer the distance for the second time. Congratulations to all of us! :)

  19. vonn says

    Hi.. kudos to Nestle through its brand Milo of providing 10,000 pairs of shoes for those children who cant afford owning one as of this date.

    I ran the 42.185km last sunday and it was fun. The Hydration station was plenty , banana station are adequate and note worthy to mention Sigue Correr Runners ( EVEN i WAS NOT A MEMBER )who provide a PAIN KILLER for my muscle cramps.

    The 42k is huge and eye catching and finisher shirt is in good quality…

    Overall am happy to the outcome… see you on finals…

  20. Robert Baluyot Jr. says

    It was my first time to join a race like this ang sarap ng feeling specially kapag natapos mo. I joined the 21K category. I finished the race 02:51 pero late ako so I don’t know about my individual record. Medyo na-off lang ako kasi pagdating ko sa finish line almost pack up na and yung mga bouncers hindi mo man lang mapagtanungan ng maayos dinadaan talaga sa laki (hehehe). Late finishers like should be given due credit kasi hindi biro ang ginawa natin kahit man lang sana certificate na natapos mo yung race ok na.

    • Trunks says

      Am not sure kung tama ako, pero sa tingin ko hanggang cut-off (2:30) lang ang may results. Meron din kasi akong nabasa na sinabi ng isang runner last year na di sya umabot sa cut-off kaya wala pangalan nya sa results.

  21. Lito Brion says

    To Milo Marathon ..
    Pls Check the BIB no. 41428 (243 41428 Ralph Marlon Belga 04:21:01 04:20:46 00:40:14 01:22:05 02:43:39 M A:18-34 No) kasi po yan ung bib no. ko ngregister po ako last July 1, 2012 sa moa so pls chek the name na nakalgay sa result na nilabas nyo kasi i’ll check the result wala name ko so ang hinanap ko is yung bib no. ko at nkita ko nga po ung no. 243 kaso ndi name ko yung nkalagay tama din po yung time ko so sana po pkidoble chek nyo kasi gzto dn nman po nmin mpagmalki ang pinghrapan nmin out of 1600 42k runners salamat po..

    • r@m©e$ says

      i agree with sir lito brion, napansin ko na me mali sa mga names on list of finishers. My bib number has a different name in the list of 21-k finisher…

    • frances says

      same thing happened with me. di naman ma-contact yung numbers na nakalagay sa website nila, at wala pa ding reply sa email :(

    • dacs says

      same prob tau…iba ung nkregister na name sa race bib nmin for 10k…ibng name s bib no. n 13191 taz ung 13192 wlang result…haha…pambihira

  22. Ralph Donn Bernarte says

    Sana lahat kahit hindi umabot sa 2:30 for 21K sinama nyo sa list. wala na ngang loot bag at medal wala pang proof na natapos namin or tumakbo man lang kami sa Milo Marathon. Sucks… Sana naisip nyo un.

    • Kibo says

      Tama! Naghirap din naman tyo tapusin ang 21K, ok lang walang loot bag and medal.. . Sana kahit ilagay man lang ang name natin sa 21k finisher.. may time nman yon, madistinguished naman kung umabot ng cut off time o hindi.. . iconsider man lang nila..

    • Runfaster says

      Bawi ka sa December. Ensayo pa ng konti, papasukin ka ng Milo in the list of finishers. Pagka-alam ko sa Milo strict sila sa cutoff. Pag hindi pa kaya, mag 10k ka muna.Iba calibre ng Milo eh.

  23. Run Era says

    Naku kung alam ko lang walang loot bag sana ng 10K nalang ako. Badtrip, nakakainis pa kung sino ang tinitingalan mo bilang isa sa haligi ng mga running event, sya pa yung walang modo bastos sinigawan ba naman yung ngtatanong… Nakilala ka lang ang yabang mo na.

    • rrrrrrrruunnnnn errrrrra says

      bilisan mo pa sa susunod, yun lang yun no ifs no buts! Tanungin mo yung sarili mo “kung masmabilis ba yung finish time ko may loot bag kaya akong naabutan?”

    • backseat says

      This is the only race in the Philippines that has a cut-off time. You might have picked up on that and figured out that if you’re not fast enough, you’ll miss out on many things.

    • rb says

      Sana binasa niyo po ung manual. Alam niyo naman may cut-off ang 21km.if you think you cannot make it on the said cut-off times, run for lower distances. hwag puro reklamo. :)

  24. dacs says

    may prob yung results nila sa 10km nagkamali sila sa name as per race bib…iba ung name n nkregister sa race bib ko….may daya…nashuffle cguro..p.correct nman po…double cheeck nio bgo post

    • dacs says

      ibang name n nkrgister sa race bib ko n 13191…hindi ko nman name yun.
      13191 Mc Lester Mojica….di ko nga kilala yan….yung sa kapatid ko 13192 race bib nia walang result n makita…

  25. runner says

    my first happy to run with you guys and im so happy to see my medal… last year my 2nd run was adidas and i finish it in 2rs and 20mins..this time with milo 21k i finish it with 2rs and 12mins…more training to be part of top 1o…hehehehe!!!again congratulations all runners!!!see you on the road again :)

  26. Ted says

    Elims Runner ang naka registered sa akin sa halip na pangalan ko unang FM ko upset naman ……looking forward to correct

    982 40420 Elims Runner 05:20:56 05:19:22 00:51:23 01:42:04 03:20:40 M X No

  27. bb. lirpa says

    congrats to all runners especially to those full marathoners(including those runners belongs to age group ‘D – up’ category)… nakaka-inspire kyo…! MABUHAY PO KAYO…!!!

    • Trunks says

      Meron naman po… baka nagda-download lang ng matagal kasi nasa 463 pages kasi yon at umabot sa 16K+ and ranking ng runners.

  28. allan says

    ako din, wala sa list nila. i finished the race 1 hour and 49 minutes with bib#23456. bakit po wala ako sa list? :-(

  29. runners high says

    had a nice run at naka PR sa 21k—w/ medal! dun sa mga umaangal na hindi sila umabot sa cut-off > you should have read the rules before registering. it’s all there in black and white. utang na loob 36th Milo Marathon na yan at ganyan ang kanilang gawain every year.

    dun sa mga mali yung names/bib info, sana may mag magmagandang loob at irefer sa organizer para maisaayos ang pinagpagurang cut-off finish.

  30. tes says


    Thank you for the result you posted. We runners wish to see our performance based not just on our rank in the list. Strider does it best. That outfit gives the percentile ranking of the runner based on gender, age, overall runners, etc. They even show graphs which we can easily understand and interpret. I am sure you can do it to. thanks again.

    • QP says

      Ma’am try nyo po magsearch using your bib number. It seems may error during registration, and many numbers are named “Elims Runner.”

      • sharon de castro says

        Hi!thanks for the advice, but I tried both, may name and bib number, pero wala talaga. Its important na malaman ko time ko kc first 21k ko to e.sana magawan ng solution.

  31. budz says

    finished hard, umabot ako sa medal n loot bag. ang sakit ng paa ko, but m proud of it. Thank you Milo! Congrats sa lahat..

  32. ariel says

    the race was nice !!! kaya lang sana naman yung shirt sizes damihan nila ng small at medium…..alam naman nila na ang mga runners mostly prefer small or medium….

  33. cael says

    pa correct naman po ng caption… its not an “overall result” kasi di naman kasali ang di umabot sa cut off time

  34. sonny says

    where should i call or send an email regarding the result of 21-km run? I made it before 2:30 hours ( my finish time is 2:28 ) and received my medal and loot bag, but my name and bib number is not included in the result??? thanks

  35. sonny says

    i noticed…marami pala na same problem as mine. wala sa listing yung bib and name… my first time to encounter such problem in a run organized by runrio….Paging COACH RIO!!!

  36. Diorez says

    aun po.. natapos q xa ng 5:54:29..

    saya ng experience with it..

    next year ulit..

    masakit lang is.. wala aqng souvenir na photo.. huhuhu.. wala aq makita na photos q.. kahit madami naman na kumuha sa kin.. huhuh…

    • carlo says

      hmmm 1hour for 5k… mag 3k ka muna palakas muna bago isisi sa systema ang ilang minuto lang o sigundo…kaw naman ilan lang mababawas sa isang oras mo ..mabagal parin for 5k

  37. jovel says

    Maraming salamat po kay photovendo. d sumakit ang mata ko kakahanap ng pictures. daming mga pictures kaya hirap magsearch.

  38. Medyok says

    Ask ko lng po bakit wala kmi dun sabofficial time ng 21k? Sabi nila 3k++ ung tumakbo eh nasa 1261 plng po ung results!!! Please update naman po. Tnx

  39. jovel says

    wala parin po bang feedback ang organizer regarding sa mga rece result na d nakasama sa listing kahit na umabot sa cut-off. Nag email nako wala parin reply.

  40. thamz says

    unfair naman po yata… puro 10, 21 at 42K lang ang may pictures…. i already look sa lahat ng mga pics kaso mas priority yata ang 10K pataas…. pano naman ang mga 5K at 3K……

  41. willy v. sabangan says

    nice run kasi the weather is oks na oks, medyo madulas lang ang dinadaanan pero masaya, kaya lang kinapos ang supply ng water sa mga 42k runners, mahirap walang water, kahit walang energy drinks but enough supply of water ay okey na okey. sana sa finals hindi kakapusin ng water supply up to the finish line. hoping your concern in this regards will be realized on dec 9. more power to the organizers, keep going good, kasi you are the best organizers when it comes to running events. go.. go.. milo…..

  42. eric gonzales says

    hi official of milo marathon it took me 20mins to find my result but unfortunately i cant find my pr time here is my bib # 29505 can you help me guys out there to get my result….tnx


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