The Benefits of a Personal Running Coach

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Running is so simple that anyone can instantly start training for a fun run or a marathon.  Thus, getting a personal running coach is not a common practice among runners.  Many runners think that a running coach is just for elite and competitive athletes and not for beginners.

Having a personal running coach is a great option for runners at all levels.  Whether you are just starting to run a 5K race or planning to finish a marathon, a personal running coach will provide you with the knowledge, motivation and resources that will make your runs both enjoyable and injury free.

Here are more reasons to get a personal running coach and some tips on choosing one.


  1. Get a personalized training plan.  Unlike the training plans you can download from the internet, a running coach can create a more personalized plan for you.  The training plan will consider more aspects of you as a runner compared to a generic plan online.  This will help build a better and solid foundation on running.
  2. Injury Prevention. As you follow your personalized training plan, your running coach will help lessen the risk for injury.
  3. Diverse Training Schedules.  Rather the just go out and run, a running coach will mix it up to help you reach your potential or even take you to the next level.  Get ready for hill repeats, tempo runs, interval trainings and more.
  4. Maximize your potential. It takes someone to see beyond your capabilities.  Your running coach will take you to greater heights you thought you are not able to do.  Expect to improve in speed and stamina with your coach.
  5. Constant Source of Motivation.  When running becomes boring and routine, you can count on your running coach to get you back on track and on the road.
  6. Source of Information, Tools and Knowledge.  You can bank on the coach’s experience to provide you with first hand information about running.  Questions on what is the best recovery plan, how run faster, or how to best approach a hill, your running coach will have the answers faster than you can search on Google.
  7. The Cool Cheerleader. For every training session or race, your running coach will be one of those people who will stay at the sidelines to cheer you up and give you the pat on the back for a job well done.
  8. Be Connected with Fellow Runners.  Your personal running coach will have other runners under his care who might be sharing similar goals with you.  He can provide you with a network of support with fellow runners so you don’t need to run alone.



If you are convinced of getting a personal running coach, here are some tips in selecting one to help you in your training and races.

  1. Certification.  Coaches who are certified have been trained to help runners on the best practices.  Although certification can be easy and anyone can be certified.
  2. Experience.  Personal experience is a great measure of a good coach. Nothing teaches better than experience.  Your coach can better explain the pain, the struggle and the triumph based on what he has personally been through.
  3. Coaching Plans. A real personal running coach will have a training plan just for you.  Not a generic one-plan-fits-all approach. A training plan for a runner who runs a 10K for the first time is different from someone who wants to beat a personal record.
  4. Personality.  Find a coach that suits you and someone you will be comfortable with. Find a coach who is approachable and can work on your schedule.
  5. Fees. Coaching may require you to pay for a fee.  I can be per session or for a certain duration.  Fees may vary per coach. That is why, if there is a running clinic by a reputable coach being offered for free, take that chance and sign up right away.



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