Eat This, Run That

My excuse for eating a lot is because I run.  I would need the energy for the next run anyway. I believe that after eating two large burgers for dinner, all of them will be converted to useful energy somehow when I run the following day. Well, sometimes I tend to overdo it. I would eat more and run less.

Eating Ice Cream

Eating ice cream after running the Hong Kong Marathon 2010

Here’s a good picture of what you would eat and how much you would run to burn them.  This is from an HBO feature and may not be accurate for the Pinoys.  But it true enough for me since I love eating the American foods especially after a long run.

This will remind me to watch on my diet. It is also a good start to answer the question “How much or How long you should be running.”

So what have you eaten today?  How much should you be running then? Share it at the comments below.

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Burn Baby Burn

Keep on eating, este, Keep on running!  😀

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  1. Krystal says

    Carbs are converted into fat if not used right away. So, if you eat a big dinner and not use the energy, you are actually gaining fat. Unless you workout at night, it’s best to eat like a king in the morning, eat like a prince at lunch, and, at dinner, eat like a pauper.

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