ATV 19+ is the Ultimate All-Terrain Shoes from Reebok

Reebok has been making weird shoe designs lately and has been making huge sales with them. The Reebok Toners and the Zigtech all look radical but were considered successful. Reebok will launch the ATV 19+ which is first all-terrain athletic shoes. There is no actual release date yet but the ATV 19+ is expected to be released on February 2013.

Reebok ATV 19 Soles

From the looks, the Reebok ATV 19+ is definitely weird. It looks more of a truck tire than a shoe. The lugs at the outsole protrudes too much and looks unstable. But this the heart of the shoe. The designers actually discovered that the shoe gave more stability especially on uneven ground.

Here’s a shoe review of the Reebok ATV 19+ by┬áChuck Salter of Fast Company. ” This shoe is the ultimate example of Reebok’s “technology you can feel” principle. During my test-walk (and test-jog) at Reebok’s HQ, the shoes felt unlike any other sneaker style. It’s more of a hybrid: The heel cushion is running-shoe soft, yet when I pivoted, the lugs on the side gripped the ground like a tennis shoe. Though the most rugged terrain I faced was commercial carpet, it was clear that the soles were up to the challenge of more daunting topography.”

I bet this is great for extreme terrains. The shoe could simply run over big rocks and muddy trails. Reebok is excited with ATV 19+. They are making a totally new category of shoes.

Reebok ATV 19

Check out the Reebok ATV 19+ video with their endorser, UFC Champ Rampage Jackson.


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