When Running, Sh*t Happens


Shit Happens


Whenever you run, sh*t happens!  In my case, bird droppings.  That’s why they say that you should be thankful that horses or cows don’t fly.  Just image the mess when they drop something on you.

I was running around the park this morning when this happened.  The bird was probably on the electrical wire above me.  Of all the runners and walkers at that time, I was surprised to see something fell on my hands.  I was there at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I shouldn’t have overtaken that guy. This could have been for him.

Or maybe I was at the right place at the right time.  Some people believe that when a bird dropping lands on you, especially on the head, it means that good fortune is coming your way. And when they say good fortune, they mean a major sign of wealth.

Well, I hope the bird droppings I got earlier comes with a digit on what amount I should expect. Or a list of numbers that I can bet on a lottery ticket. Or a ticker in the stock market that I should invest in.

I kept on looking at it but there is no other sign. It’s just plain sh*t.

Sh*t happens but just keep on running. 😀


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Jinoe Gavan is the founder of this award-winning blog Takbo.ph, The Filipino Running Community. Known as ManokanRunner, he is a computer addict on weekdays, a church leader on weekends and a runner in all days of the week. He wants to run and cover as many miles in many places as he could. Read more about his life in the urban jungle with all the distractions and the fun of raising his son in DaddyandtheCity(dot)com.


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