2013 Unilab Run United 2 Results

Race results for the Unilab Run United 2 2013 Results. Congratulations for finishing the RU2 . How was your run? Rate your race results below and share your experience with fellow runners in the comments section.

Got photos at the  Unilab Run United 2 2013? Share them at the comments sections too.

Unilab Run United 2 Results

June 2, 2013

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Unilab Run United 2 2013 Photos:

Takbo.ph @ Unilab Run United 2 2013

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  1. Infinite Justice says

    Nice run today. Good job Coach Rio. Kahit na mabagal maglagay ng tubig ang nasa hydration station ok pa rin..ang haba ng table at sagana sa tubig..

  2. jonjun says

    sana sa ru3 yung photobooth ng unilab magstart earlier to accomodate runners who finish early para hindi masyado mahaba pila,. they started 6:45 naka set up naman na sila, marami naman ng runners na nakatapos ng 6 am.

  3. Mark says

    I got cramps on my left leg while running, & as I was literally screaming in pain since the pain in my left leg won’t go away, a fellow runner in front of me went back to help me by pushing my left foot to lift the pain away on my left leg as he calls for an ambulance.. Ambulance arrives in less than a minute & was able to treat my left leg, & I have decided to walk (or limp) my way to the finish line since it’s just 2KM away..

    Thank you sa medical personnels na umasikaso sa akin kanina.. & dun sa runner na tumulong sakin kanina, I didn’t get a chance to thank you kc umalis ka din kagad after the medical personnels were treating me, kung sino ka man, kung sakali mabasa mo ito, thank you.. Saludo ako syo, sir.. May God blesses you.. =)

  4. raftorz says

    mahusay talaga mag organize si coach Rio… medyo nga lang may nagsisiga don sa macapagal… bukod dito ala na kong masabi..

  5. bagito says

    wait na lang natin yung RU3 at yung mga magsasabing mahala ang reg fee…. basta masaya tayo anu ba yung pag ipunan natin ang pambayad para mapagod tayo… Very Good Coach Rio…

  6. carlo says

    had fun with my friends yesterday with RUN UNITED 2, definitely a well organized run.. just had a problem near home depot when an organizer stopped us from running because cars will go through.. it may not be a big deal with others, but some of us has a goal to beat our personal best time so a few seconds difference is really a big deal with us. Hopefully next time they change the route or really make sure no cars can pass through until the run is finish.. :)

  7. says

    I think for the record the most organize race i’ve ever experienced… grabe yung hydration kung dati hinahanap natin yung gatorade ngayon tubig na talaga hinahanap natin =))

  8. gerry says

    very organize.
    21k gun time is a bit late i think for slow runners , me included , at this time of the year. sun is up early. very humid. i crossed the finish line at 6:39 and i think i had more water sprinkled on my body than gulped on my stomach.
    just the same, congrats coach rio.

  9. reylito cuevas says

    Good job Rio. Ok lahat, hydration station, banana at bugbog sa Gatorade. May Rico Blanco pa. hindi lugi sa Ref fee. See you all sa October. Boooom!runreyrun!

  10. Paula Farinas says

    Its nice running when its run united event. What makes different from previous runs is that they change the route along roxas blvd from the usual coastal area. I suggest to chk the distance to be exact? Because as per my gps, i run 10.68km :(

    • Arn!3 (Camo-Runner) says

      Don’t trust the readings on your GPS, most GPS devices are not that accurate they are just estimation of the distance. It has more or less 500 mtrs. to 1K difference in most GPS watches & devices.

  11. evo says

    thnks coach rio… ganda ng singlet ngyn ru2! sana sa rupm ganun din! hehehe… congrats 2 all runners!:)

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