Caribee Hi Vis Flow Hydration Pack Review

Caribee Hi Vis Bag 2

Caribee is an outdoor brand that offers hydration packs for runners. The Hi Vis Flow Hydration Pack is a slim hydration backpack that fits a 2 Liter reservoir.  It’s capacity is great for long runs.  I was able to take the Hi Vis Flow for a couple of runs and here’s my Caribee Hi Vis Hydration Pack Review.


Easy to carry. The Caribee Hi Vis bag has several pockets that I can store some cash, ID, gels, and even food.  It fits a 2L TPU Bladder which is also available from Caribee.  Without the 2L TPU Bladder, the bag is still great for traveling light while running or biking.

Slim profile. The bag doesn’t look bulky.  It has ample spaces that doesn’t cover my back. It allows plenty of air to flow and cool my back during long runs.

Caribee Hi Vis Hydration Backpack

Hi Vis Flow fit just right for my back.

Fast water flow. The tubes are just right to allow water to flow fast from the TPU bladder.  The mouthpiece also locks in place near the shoulders where I can easily reach for it when I need to hydrate.  The Caribee Hi Vis bag have holes and straps specifically for the tubes to keep them neat and secure.

Caribee Hi Vis Bag - Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece snaps neatly into place.

High visibility.  The colors are bright with big patches of reflectorized material.  This adds visibility and safety for runners especially when running at night.

Caribee Hi Vis Bag 1

Reflective materials are placed on both sides


2L Overflow.  The 2L TPU Bladder is difficult to close without spilling when filled.  I suggest not filling the bladder at it’s maximum capacity so that you can easily close the cap.  There’s a marking on the bladder to indicate the water level.

Caribee 2L TPU Bladder

Looks like…

The Caribee Hi Vis Flow Hydration Pack Price is at 2,499.00 Php.  It is available in selected malls and at



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