Milo Marathon Finals 2013 Race Results and Photos

Race results for the Milo Marathon Finals 2013. Congratulations for finishing the Milo Marathon Finals 2013. How was your run? Rate your race results below and share your experience with fellow runners in the comments section.

Got photos at the Milo Marathon Finals 2013? Share them at the comments sections too.

Milo Marathon Finals 2013 Results

December 8, 2013

3K Overall Results
5K Overall Results
10K Overall Results
21K Overall Results
42K Overall Results

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  1. jeremy says

    the best talaga ang milo run, kaso wala lang ako pic nung nag run ako hehe. next time 21k na sasalihan ko kasi walang pictures ang mga 10k runners.

  2. Michael Tse says

    I dont understand why im 39mins when my watch says 31mins.should be ranked around 350 but then i dropped at 853. Headache

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