About Takbo.ph

Takbo.ph is a blog and discussion forum about running in the Philippines .  It primarily provides information on the upcoming running events in the country.  At the same time, the forum is where all Pinoy runners, from beginners to masters, share their passion on running, encourage one another on the next races, and meet online after reaching the finish lines.

Takbo.ph aims

  1. to promote running in the Philippines to a wider audience and unite all Pinoy runners at Takbo.ph.
  2. to provide an online Filipino running community for beginners and seasoned runners to share their passion in running and support one another in achieving personal running goals.
  3. to advocate a healthy lifestyle thru exercise and good nutrition.

So, whether you are a newbie or a master, slow or fast, walking, jogging or running, this is the place for you!!!! Joining us is FREE!


Takbo.ph is not a running club.  We are an online community that gathers runners and would-be runners to share the same passion.  We are open to anyone who just love to run.  No membership forms.  No membership fees.  Just register at the forums and join the discussions.  That’s it and you are part of the running community.

We do meet during and after races.  Some members organize group runs, meet-ups and gatherings.  You are free to join.  Just check the forums for the next schedule.

Or look for the Takbo.ph banner during races and pose with us for a “class picture” at the finish line.   Don’t be shy to approach us and to introduce yourself.

So joining us is pretty simple.  And running is really fun.


Takbo.ph has received the following awards and nominations.

  • Best Sports Blog – Globe Tatt Awards 2012
  • Best Sports Blog – Globe Tatt Awards 2013
  • Bloggers Choice Award Winner – Nuffie Awards 2013
  • The Following – Most Engaging Blog Nominee – Nuffie Awards 2013
  • The N-Factor – Best Online Influencer Nominee – Nuffie Awards 2013


Jinoe M Gavan is a semicon engineer on weekdays, a church leader on weekends and a runner in all days of the week.  Follow his personal blog at Daddy and the City.

Places I ran in the Philippines:

Places I ran abroad:

Marathons Completed

  1. Cebu City Marathon 2010
  2. Standard Chartered Hongkong Marathon 2010
  3. Quezon City International Marathon 2010
  4. Borneo International Marathon 2012
  5. Milo Marathon 2012
  6. Run United Philippines Marathon 2012
  7. Cagayan De Oro – Prycegas Marathon 2012
  8. Singapore Sundown Marathon 2013
  9. Angkor Empire Marathon 2014

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