The Maze Challenge Asia 2014 – Challenge Complete!

The Maze Challenge Asia - Medal

The Maze Challenge Asia was indeed an a-MAZE-ing experience. It is not like the usual races I would join but it was surely packed with an unusual high. The Maze Challenge Asia is a temporary maze built at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. It is a 7,700 square meter maze which is the first and […]

TAlKaBOut Fitness Sports Nutrition 2014 : Thank You!

TAlKaBOut Fitness 2014

Years ago, when the running community was still small and just starting to grow, we organized a talk on healthy eating.  This year, we want to bring that learning sessions back that’s why TAlKaBOut Fitness was born. TAlKaBOut Fitness is a series of talks by Last November 27, the first of the series was held […]

The Maze Challenge Asia to be the Largest in Malaysia

The Maze Challenge Asia 2014

Most 80’s kid would probably remember the movie Labyrinth where Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connelly) journeys through a maze to recover her baby stepbrother from a goblin king (David Bowie).  It was an a-MAZE-ing movie that continues to fascinate me until today. The maze was difficult but I would often wish I get to be in one of […]

SportsHouse for Sports and After Sports Needs


Sportshouse was established in 1983. They started as a traditional specialty sports shop selling sports equipment & accessories. This year, they are revamping their branches across the country to be a one-stop shop for athletes. Sportshouse continuously innovate and they are launching their new product lines for #LifeInSports and #LifeAfterSports. The store now carries compression apparels for runners, […]

Have A Smooth Running Experience with Schick

Schick SmoothLee Adventure - My Commercial

I was invited by Schick Philippines to take the Schick Exacta Parkour Challenge. Parkour is also known as free running. I had been running for 8 years and free running sounds exciting. Parkour is an art of moving one’s body from one point to another in the most efficient way possible. It includes running, climbing, […]