Soleus Running Watches Spotted in the Philippines

Quennie and I were walking in the mall when we noticed a new brand of sports watches being displayed. It’s Soleus Running Watches and they are designed for runners.  Even the name of the models are numbers only runners may understand.  There’s the 10K model, the 131 and the 262.  The Soleus Watches have some […]

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Video: Tips for Running Uphill and Downhill

Running downhill and uphill can be tough.  To some its the uphill that is difficult, to others it's the downhill.  Maybe other, like me, find both to be difficult. This is a rather old training video but the tips here are still very much true.  In the video is Dave Scott who is a 6-time […]

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Timex Ironman i-Control Series

Timex has released a new addition to its IronMan watch series.  The Timex IronMan Sleek iControl converges with the Apple iPod.  You can use the watch to control the basic music navigation features of the iPod.  Now, you can simple put that iPod on your pocket or backpack and enjoy your favorite music while running. […]

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