Runner’s Knee Prevention and Treatment

Runner's Knee Injury

Runner’s knee is not a fun way to describe a runner. In fact, it makes every runner cringe. Runner’s knee is actually any injury in and around the front of the knees. This is also called the patellofemoral area thus also called patellafemoral pain syndrome. This injury is usually caused by overexertion on the knees, […]

Plantar Fasciitis Prevention and Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Massage

Plantar Fasciitis may be hard to pronounce (it’s read as “fashee-EYE-tiss”), but it is actually harder to bear. For runners with this problem, intense pain could be felt at the undersides of your feet first thing in the morning or after running. The pain could worsen throughout the day. OUCH! I used to have plantar […]

Iliotibial Band Syndrome or ITBS Treatment and Cure

ITB Muscles

Do you feel pain on the outer side of your knees? Tightening or swelling on your upper legs? Pain and weakness when moving your hips sideways? This might be Iliotibial band syndrome. Watch out! The Iliotibial band or ITB is a long tendon-like structure that stretches from the pelvis to the knees. It supports and […]

Quest Bar: I can #CheatClean Everday!

Quest Bar Philippines

I have been munching these delicious Quest Bars for weeks. It’s healthy, delicious and guilt-free. Quest Bars are high in protien, low on carbs and junk free. It’s a clean way to cheat and makes everyday a cheat day! It’s unbelievable how something this delicious can be healthy. They really taste good. It comes with […]

Achilles Tendonitis Facts And Treatments


Achilles tendonitis may lead to a runner’s downfall. If left untreated, it could end anyone’s running career. Oh no! Achilles tendonitis is the swelling of the Achilles tendon, the largest tendon in the body. Although it can withstand great stress on the feet, over-use and over exertion can cause it to swell. Signs and Symptoms […]