Ask When to use Warm or Cold Compress for Running Injuries

The common advice for running injury is to ice it. After all, that is what the letter I stands for in R.I.C.E. But when exactly do you use warm compress or cold compress for your injuries? I received this question from the Facebook page. For muscle injury, do you use warm or cold compress? […]

Softdrinks Tax Proposed to benefit Yolanda Rehabilitation Projects

A Softdrinks Tax of 10% is being proposed in Congress to help rehabilitation projects for Yolanda victims and for its health benefits. This is the proposal of Nueva Ecija Rep. Estrellita Suansing. Softdrinks tax has been implemented in a few countries already and research has shown that higher prices in softdrinks can reduce the rate […]

Having Multiple Running Shoes Lowers Injury Risks

A new study has confirmed an old advice to use more than just one running shoe. ¬†Findings from the¬†Sports Medicine Research Laboratory in Lexumburg showed that runners who use multiple shoes has 39% less risk of injury compared to runners who only have one pair of shoes. We previously shared a running tip that Two […]