14 Important Tips on What To Do the Day Before the Marathon

You have completed the hardest part of your marathon training but it doesn’t calculate the outcome of your race. Additional intense training prior to the race can only prompt injury. What you do the day before the marathon can greatly affect your race performance. A personal checklist and some tips on what to do one […]

Predict your Marathon Time with Yasso 800s

Bart Yasso

Ever want to have a running tool that can predict your marathon goal time? This is made possible with the Yasso 800s. This workout guide originated from the observation and marathon training of Bart Yasso, a Runner’s World editor. This simple discovery has gained popularity and has been used by most runners around the globe. […]

Marathon Training Programs for Every Runner

Marathon is becoming more and more popular.  The number of participants are increasing every year which keeps  breaking the previous records.  Whether you wanted to reach the finish line or you have a time goal in mind, the key in any marathon is a proper training program to make your running pleasurable and rewarding. Runners […]

How To Avoid Sudden Deaths During a Marathon

james fixx

It is perplexing to know that a young, well-trained athlete could suddenly die during a marathon. Such tragic incident devastates the family and the whole community. As a matter of fact, sports itself is not a cause of enhanced mortality but it can trigger sudden death in runners with heart and blood vessel abnormalities. These […]