VIDEO: How to Drink Water During a Race

How to Drink Water During a Race

Hydration is important during a race.  That is why running events will provide hydration stations for runners to give out sports drinks and water.  Volunteers or marshals will hand out drinks from a cup as runners pass by the water stations. However, getting hydration at these water stations can slow you down.  It can be crowded, messy and slippery. […]

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How To Improve Your Running Form [Infographic]

Improve your Running Form

Running is a simple action of moving your feet one after the other. But making simple changes to improve your running form can help you lessen injuries and improve your race times.  There are several running coaches, running clinics and running seminars who would teach about running. Some of them may differ in the details but they usually agree […]

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10 Tips for a Safer Night Runs

Franc Ramon Energizer Night Run Singapore 2015

Night runs are getting popular here in the metro. Night running require a little more planning than your average workout but with the right preparation and focus, you can make any evening workout rival its daytime counterpart. Franc Ramon, our guest writer, share some essential safety tips for running in the dark: You’re alarm sounds off early in the morning […]

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Benefits of Steady State Cardio Workout for Runners

CrossFit For Runners

This is a guest post by a friend Allan Ray Enriquez, who is known as RFM in the running community. He shares with us why runners should do cross training. Read more of the Benefits of Steady State Cardio Workout for Runners: While most of us runners are used to the traditional way of training, recent studies […]

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Ask Is it OK to run after eating?

IG - Eat First then Exercise

How long should you wait to run after eating? I get scolded for this when I was young. I am often told not to run or play after a meal. I would ask why and I get various reason depending on the age of the adult.  They say I posted a weight loss tip at […]

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Awkward Runners Video

Sometimes, it is easier to learn how things should be done by seeing how things are NOT to be done.  Here’s a funny video that shows how not to run.  It features runners who are so awkward they don’t look like running at all. All of them run in such a way that running coaches would […]

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Tips for Beach Running

Beach Running Tips

Beach Running is a different experience.  The view is exceptional and the wind is fantastic.  But the sand poses some challenges to runners which can slow you down or even cause injury.  Here are some beach running tips to have a enjoyable and injury free run. Beach Running Tips Run on wet sand and on […]

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Ask Running Shoes for Beach Running

Skyathon Boracay - Beach Run 2

Here’s a good question from one of our readers.  She’ll be joining a beach run this summer and is asking what running shoes to wear for the beach.  Or is it better to run barefoot instead? “It’s my first time to run in the beach.  What do you recommend on my footwear? Barefoot or with […]

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