Benefits of Steady State Cardio Workout for Runners

CrossFit For Runners

This is a guest post by a friend Allan Ray Enriquez, who is known as RFM in the running community. He shares with us why runners should do cross training. Read more of the Benefits of Steady State Cardio Workout for Runners: While most of us runners are used to the traditional way of training, recent studies […]

Milo Apex Running School Season 8

Milo Apex Running School 2014

Milo Apex Running School Season 8 is starting on April 28, 2014. On its 5th year, Milo Apex Running School is back: Season 8 – Run, Re-Fuel, Recover! The Country’s biggest and full program Scientific Running Camp covering injury prevention, strength and conditioning workouts, running drills, and now recovery and injury rehabilitation training needs of runners. This is Re-Fueled and […]

Dynamic Stretches For Runners

Dynamic Stretches for Runners

Dynamic stretches for runners are best suited before a run or a race.  Dynamic stretches make the body flexible and more efficient, increase the range of motion, less injury-prone, and recover more quickly. Below is a video from Runner’s World showing dynamic stretches for runners.  Dynamic stretches are composed of “controlled movements to improve range […]