10 Bloggers Share Top Running Tips for Beginners

We have shared some Running Tips for New Runners and the last tip we have there is on asking help from seasoned runners. Here’s a compilation of the tips from runner blogger friends. They are seasoned runners. Some have done marathons, (distance of 42.195 KM) and ultramarathons (more than the marathon distance). Some of them are into […]

adidas King of the Road 2013: Step up your game and pick up the pace

Are you ready for King of the Road 2013? Here are some tips from adidas team to prepare you for the 10k and 16.8k race distances. Also remember that claiming of your adidas KOTR singlet starts from July 1 until July 6 at the following stores : adidas Trinoma, adidas Mall of Asia, and adidas Two Parkade […]

When Should You Change Your Running Shoes

A lot of runners who dropped by at Riovana are asking when they should change their running shoes. This is a very important question. A worn out running shoe will provide lesser protection for the runners. It provides lesser stability and lesser shock absorption capacity. This will increase your chances of having an injury. Therefore, […]