10 Tips for a Safer Night Runs

Franc Ramon Energizer Night Run Singapore 2015

Night runs are getting popular here in the metro. Night running require a little more planning than your average workout but with the right preparation and focus, you can make any evening workout rival its daytime counterpart. Franc Ramon, our guest writer, share some essential safety tips for running in the dark: You’re alarm sounds off early in the morning […]

10K Training Plans for Beginners

10K Training Plan for Beginners

The 10K Race is a great challenge for those who are new to running and fitness.  I find it to be just the right distance with just the right amount of time to spend for training.  Most 10K Training Plans would have 8-12 weeks of preparation with 3-4 training schedules per week.  Weekly runs would […]

10 Bloggers Share Top Running Tips for Beginners

We have shared some Running Tips for New Runners and the last tip we have there is on asking help from seasoned runners. Here’s a compilation of the tips from runner blogger friends. They are seasoned runners. Some have done marathons, (distance of 42.195 KM) and ultramarathons (more than the marathon distance). Some of them are into […]

Running Tips for New Runners

Whether you run for fitness, health, weight loss or for fun, you will need to learn the basics about running even though running seems to be a simple sport. If you’re new to running, before you even take your first steps, here are some important things and tips that you should know to get you […]

Getting Ready for Beach Running at Skyathon

It’s finally April! In a few days, we are flying to Boracay for the much awaited Skyathon 2013.  If you happen to be doing a beach run in your escapade this summer, here are some tips to take note for a good running experience.   Run on wet sand and on flat ground.  Instead of running […]

When Should You Change Your Running Shoes

A lot of runners who dropped by at Riovana are asking when they should change their running shoes. This is a very important question. A worn out running shoe will provide lesser protection for the runners. It provides lesser stability and lesser shock absorption capacity. This will increase your chances of having an injury. Therefore, […]

Beginners Guide in Choosing the Right Running Shoe

I would often be approached by a runner who would ask about the best running shoe that he or she can buy.  They would ask which brand or what to look for in a running shoe.  I would then explain that choosing the right running shoe goes beyond the brand or the color. I bought […]