4 Useful Running Shoes Lacing Techniques

Running Shoes Lacing Techniques

There are different ways to tie the shoe laces of a running shoe. These running shoes lacing techniques have specific benefits for the runner. It can improve the fit, lessen the pain and even lessen the risk of injuries. Running Warehouse has provide a great video showing how these running shoes lacing techniques are done […]

Running Tips – The Perfect Stride from the Hunger Games

Have you watched the Hunger Games yet? The movie showed a lot of running as the tributes fight each other until one victor remains. While preparing for the movie, lead star Jennifer Lawrence worked with conditioning coach Joe Horrigan, to perfect her running form as she portrayed the role of Katniss Everdeen. Joe Horrigan gave […]

Video: How to Check If You Need to Change Your Running Shoes

How often should you change your shoes is a common question among runners. Many books and websites will give a range of 400-600 kilometers or sometimes more.  I even keep a mileage of my shoes to see if they need to be replaced or not. However, different shoe performs differently and different people have different […]

Video: Karhu’s Intro to Forward Running

Karhu introduces Forward Running. It’s about having efficient runs and proper, dynamic running mechanics. The video from Karhu provides the elements of Forward Running. It involves arm movements, midsection posture, glutes and hamstrings, knees and quads, foot position, and ground contact. I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all running form. Compare the arm movement of […]