200KM Training Plan for Virtual Runs

Here’s a sample training plan if you aim to complete 200KM in one month.

This training plan is ideal for those who are comfortable running 21Ks every week. It has 21KM runs every weekend with middle distances during weekdays. However, you need lots of discipline to run 4 times in a week.

For those who have done marathons and ultramarathons, this should look easy. For beginners, you might want to try 100KM in a month first before moving up to 200KM.

The 200KM is not easy to complete in a month. In previous virtual runs, about 10% are not able to complete the 200KM.

200KM Training Plan Sample

The training plan above is just an ideal case. No runner has exactly followed it. Below are actual run submissions from real runners who have joined the 200KM virtual run in the past.

This runner seems to have few long runs. Just a max distance of 18KM. Yet this runner typically runs 4x a week to keep up with the distance required.

200KM Training Plan Actual Runner 1

On the other hand, this runner’s strategy seems to be fewer runs in a week but longer distances per run. This runner typically runs just 3x a week but catches up with a 42K and a 20K during long runs.

200KM Training Plan Actual Runner 2

Each runner is unique. Find your rhythm too.

Good luck and keep on running.


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