New Balance Power Run 2012 5/10/25K (BGC)

NB Power Run 2012 Poster

The New Balance Power Run 2012 will be on November 11 at Bonifacio Global City. NB Power Run will be having the 5, 10 and 25Km categories. Save the date!

New Balance Power Run 2012

November 11, 2012
Bonifacio Global City 


5K, 10K, 25K


5KM – 650 Php
10KM – 750 Php
25KM – 900 Php


Online Registration
October 1 – October 21, 2012

In-Store Registration
October 1 – November 4, 2012

New Balance Trinoma
New Balance Robinson’s Place Manila
The Athlete’s Foot Robinson’s Galleria
Riovana Katipunan
Riovana Bonifacio Global City


Visit for updates



New Balance Power Run 2012 Race Route/Map

Click on the images for a larger view

NB Power Run 2012 5K Race Route

New Balance Power Race 2012 – 5K Race Route/Map

NB Power Run 2012 10K Race Route

New Balance Power Race 2012 – 10K Race Route/Map

NB Power Run 2012 25K Race route

New Balance Power Race 2012 – 25K Race Route/Map

New Balance Power Run 2012 Finisher’s Medal

New Balance Power Run 2012 25K Finisher Medal

New Balance Power Run 2012 Event Shirt

NB Power Run Event Shirt

New Balance Power Run 2012 Race Kit

New Balance Power Run 2012 Vouchers Race Kit


New Balance Power Run 2012 Vouchers

New Balance Power Run 2012 1000 Footwear voucher

New Balance Power Run 2012 250 Apparel accessories voucher


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  1. Darrel says

    ok na ok ung medal..singlet design nalng ang kulang..

    Ask ko lng runners..
    I ran my 1st 10k last RU3 and natapos ko ng 1hr and 5 mins..
    what do you think guys another 10k for beating my PR or mag step-up na sa 25k pra sa event na to??

    Ty runners.. 😀

    • blue kaizen says

      hello darrel,

      i think it all depends on your condition and the degree of your conditioning preparations. good luck!

  2. Arnie says

    @ Darrel
    Okay naman yung time mo…
    But you need to have a long run of at least 20km. – up, just to feel kung kakayanin mo yung ganun kalayo.

    You still have time pa naman to train, 6 weeks pa yung run. You have to atleast run 20K up to familiarize your self to the distance. Kung wala ka naman ibang run this coming weeks, try mo this schedule:

    Week 1 (Sept. 30) – 14-15K
    Week 2 (Oct. 7) – 17-18K
    Week 3 (Oct. 14) – 20-21K
    Week 4 (Oct. 21) – 24-25K
    Week 5 (Oct. 28) – Taper down ka na ng runs mo mga 15K na lang
    Week 6 (Nov. 4) – 10-12K

    Tapos ang last run mo dapat ay Nov. 8, wag ka na mag run beyoand that para makapag relax ka na to get ready for the big event on Nov. 11.
    By the way dapat may runs ka din during weekdays 5-10k for at least 2 days.

    Hope this would help yo prepare on your 1st 25K.

    Happy Running!

    Takbo-takbo lang… =)

    • dennis says

      ayos program mo sir arnie, im doing now 5k BF alternate 7k to 10k with shoes. no event muna, Oct 14 next fun run ko, then oct 28 ill go 21k RUPM :)
      ok lang ba to sir

      • Arnie says

        Ano na ba longest run mo?

        Saka ano category mo sa Oct. 14? Kung 16K yung category mo ok na yun .

        Eto suggestion ko sa’yo…
        Week 1 (Sept. 23) 12-15K
        Week 2 (Sept. 30) 18-21K
        Week 3 (Oct. 7) 15-16K na lang
        Week 4 (Oct. 14) Yung event na sasalihan mo…
        Week 5 (Oct. 21) Dito taper down ka na mga 10-12K na lang
        Week 6 (Oct. 28) RUPM – Kayang-kaya mo na yun…

        By the way last run dapat mga Oct. 25 around 6-8K na lang.

        Saka yung weekday runs wag mo kalimutan, wag ka lang mag long runs ng sunday dapat may runs ka pa din ng weekdays.

        Hope this could help you…

        Happy Running =)

        See you on the road… (“,)

        Takbo-takbo lang…

        • dennis says

          weekdays po kasi alternate sa Barefoot(5km)MWF will add 10% km per week and shoes (10km)TTHS (3km to 5km) sunday, oct 14 event dapat po mens health(10km) but baka macancel sasabay po kasi event ng barefoot eh.

          thank you so much sa program i will note this. :)

        • Arnie says

          @ lance
          Regular runs ka lang ng weekdays kung kaya at least twice on weekdays mga 3-5K maski slow pace ka lang muna mga 7-8 min per km. Tapos yung weekend run mo bilisan mo sya kung kaya mo parang race day pace mo para alam mo kung kaya mo sya imaintain during the raceday mga 6 min per km. so kaya mo tapusin yung 5K in 30 mins. flat.

          Pero depende din to sa capability mo ha, don’t over exert kung nde talaga kaya yung pace na advice ko, I’m just basing my advice according to my experiences. So you need to listen to your body also, kung ano lang yung kaya yun lang muna ang gawin mo. Mahirap din kasi ma-injury di ba, lalo na tayo nde makakatakbo.

          Hope to hear from you later on.

          Hope this could help you…

          Happy Running =)

          See you on the road… (“,)

          Takbo-takbo lang…

          • Roy :P says

            go coach arnie, hehh, cant run for a long time atleast 45 mins lng ang minimum ko, mawawalang saysay ang heavy lifting ko kung gagawin ko ang runs for more than 45mins. sayang mga muscles ko. heheh.

      • Arnie says

        No problem po, anytime just to help a fellow runner…

        Goodluck to your 1st Pikermi next month…

        Happy Running =)

        See you on the road…

        Takbo-takbo lang… (“,)

  3. augis says

    any suggestions mga sir (sir Arnie).. paturo naman magandang training program preparation for beginner Runner like me.. im planning to run 5K or 10k sa mens health urbanathlon 2012..

    • Arnie says

      @ augis
      If you can read my advice to lance almost the same training plan lang kayo, if 5K lang tatakbuhin mo po ha. Tapos konting upper body exercises kasi may mga obstacles ang Urbanathlon, like monkey bars & parallel bars na need mo ang upper body strength mo.

      Kaya lang if your planning to to the 10K mejo habaan mo yung weekend run mo mga 7-8K. Kaso mejo malapit na yung Urbanathlon baka mahirapan ka na mag recover pag pinush mo pa yung sarili mo to train for the 10K.

      Pero sabi ko nga eh, depende ito sa kakayanan ng isang tao, wag pilitin kung nde kaya kasi mahirap ang mainjury po.
      Hope this could help you…

      Happy Running =)

      See you on the road… (“,)

      Takbo-takbo lang…

  4. Biker-runner says

    To NB Power Run Organizers, kindly change naman spelling ng finishers’ medal nyo…Sayang, ang ganda pa naman ng design nyo…

    • ManokanRunner says

      Hi Biker-runner, the medal is just the sample and not yet the final one. NB knows the error and will definitely change it.

    • ManokanRunner says

      I just received new materials including the finisher shirt and race kits. I will update the event details in a while.

  5. Roy :P says

    parang pang elite ang route ng 25k. sa last stretch hill portion, this means mahihirapan k talga sa last leg ng race kung hindi ka sanay sa pataas. gonna train for uphill. heheh

  6. Daniel says

    @ Sportyspice – bakit ka magdowngrade? sayang konti na lang diperensya sa fee, mag 25k kana, hahaha, panghanda yan sa 32k sa RU next year…

    @ Running Buddies – 25k ba kayo d2? balak ko sana mag 25k…

    • sportyspice says

      baka mabigla ako sa 25k bro. hehehe.. praktis praktis nalang muna…at least na experience ko na muna yung ibang mga category

    • Arnie says

      Try to read my suggested program for Darrel above, try to catch up na lang kasi nag start yun ng Sept. 30.

      Happy Running =)

      See you on the road… (“,)

      Takbo-takbo lang…

          • jauntwothree says

            Sir pano po kung sasali ako sa RUPM this coming Oct.25? ano po kayang training pwede kong gawin?..

          • jaypz says

            sir, yung 13k-15k po ba na sinasabi is combined run na o 13k-15k isang run? I mean, kung tatakbo ako ng 3 times a week, 13k-15k each o 13k-15k yung total nung tatlo?

          • Arnie says

            Hi jaypz,

            Ganito po yan,

            Week 1 (Sept. 23) 12-15K

            Week 1 -> is yung 1st week po ng training

            Sept. 23 -> The date you have to do the training which is a Sunday. Sunday is reserved for the Long Slow Distance (LSD)

            12-15K -> the mileage you have to run for the specific date.

            So in short isang run lang po yun. That’s just to make sure you can run the distance slower than your race pace. If your race pace is 6 mins./Km. you can do your LSD @ 7 mins./Km.

            Your weekday runs should be 5-6K at least twice a week.

            For me my routine is Tuesday & Thursday with at least 6-8K. Saturday at least half of what I will run the next day. Sunday (LSD Day) it depends if training for a race 15-40K. So my weekly runs is about 40-60K depending on what I am training for.

            You can skip your weekday runs if busy, but don’t skip on your weekend long runs as much as possible.

            Hope this could help you…

            Happy Running =)

            See you on the road…

            Takbo-takbo lang… (“,)

  7. pongscript says

    I will join this event for my first 25k(21k+sobra ng onti).. but haven’t finished my 10k(non-stop) training.. pero baka umabot pa yun sa sched or not.. so baka interval ang gagawin ko dito.. atleast 15min/1min or 20min/1min intervals.. kelangan ulitin lang ng 5 beses for this distance.. sana matapos ko.. magbabagal muna ako sa umpisa.. slow pace(9-10/mi) for first interval and upping it up to finish.. been running almost daily 5-6 days a week.. atleast 5k.. now im on 5k-10k training so medyo mas lagpas na sa 5k yung distance.. do you think this is a good idea?

    • ManokanRunner says

      Hi Pongscript. I suggest a shorter interval to have more walk breaks. I usually do 5min/1min run-walk. To prepare for longer distances, it find it better to insert long runs once a week. Maybe have a 15K this weekend and add 2-3 kilometers the succeeding week. By Nov 11, you have accumulated longer mileage to prepare for the 25K. If you have a long run, you can reduce the training to just 3-4 a week para mas maka recover ka. Goodluck.

    • Arnie says

      Hi pongscript,

      Is this your first time to run more than 21K?

      If it’s your 1st time, here’s a sample computation of time running a Half-marathon, pace/km estimated finish time plus the additional 4kms.:
      6/km. – 2:06 + 4 kms. = 2:30
      7/km. – 2:27 + 4 kms. = 2:55
      8/km. – 2:48 + 4 kms. = 3:20
      9/km. – 3:09 + 4 kms. = 3:45
      10/km. – 3:30 + 4 kms. = 4:10

      For me my routine kasi ay Tuesday and/or Thursday with at least 6-8K. Saturday at least half of what I will run the next day. Sunday (LSD Day) it depends if training for a race 15-40K. So my weekly runs is about 40-60K depending on what I am training for.

      You can skip your weekday runs if busy, but don’t skip on your weekend long runs as much as possible.

      Long runs is slower than your race pace, it’s just to test your body if kaya mo takbuhin yung ganun kalayo at least 20-21K just to determine your capability to run that long. Kaso medyo alalay na sa takbo kasi medyo malapit na yung NB Run, al least 1 week before the run eh low mileage na lang tinatakbo mo. kAs to give your body a restbefore the actual run.

      Hope this could help you…

      Happy Running =)

      See you on the road…

      Takbo-takbo lang… (“,)

  8. limitEDrunner says

    baka po may BIB# lang dito na hindi magagamit willing to buy especially 25k… salamat and goodluck sa inyong lahat :-)

  9. limitEDrunner says

    ito nga po pala cp# ko 09424627568 or kung sino gusto ipagamit yung bib# nila at sa kanila rin lahat ng giveaways medal etc… thank you :-)

  10. Macmhea says

    Sir Arnie, ask q lng po, nka 4 n 5k n po aq,, dis sunday brave mudders aq ng 5k, then nxt wik try q ung event f0r my 1st 15k, kya q p bng mktakbo f0r 25k, late q ng nbsa ung advice ny0.. Sna e, ngawa q, never p kc aq ng 21k e,,

    • Arnie says

      Hi Macmhea!
      Mejo late na kasi kung mag 21K ka na long run this coming November 4, kasi Nov. 11 na yung Neew Balance wala ka na time to recover.

      Pero mahirap pilitin kung nde talaga kaya, madami pa naman runs na pwede takbuhan later or by next year. Don’t rush, baka injury lang maabot natin pag bigla tayo sumabak sa takbo ng nde tayo prepared. Yung mga elites nga eh, prepared na sila pero nde pa din maiwasan ang injury during the actual run.

      Let’s think in the long run, makakatakbo pa tayo in the future.

      Happy running… =)

      See you on the road…

      Takbo-takbo lang… (“,)

  11. Cely says

  12. P says

    Yung online registration hanggang kelan ba talaga? Oct 21 or Nov 4? Nakakalito kasi sa website nila eh. Hahabol pa sana ako sa 25k kaso wala na raw available slots sa Riovana BGC. Saan pa kaya meron?

  13. iamsupercow says

    According to the salesmaan earlier at TriNoma: “All slots/singlets were pulled out of their store yesterday (Oct. 29) and registration is in RIOVANA BGC”

    That what the guy said to me when I went to New Balance TriNoma branch this evening when I asked if registration is still open.

    Someone from the organizing committee should clarify the information here, or at least update the entry to avoid confusion of interested participants

  14. Arvie says

  15. P says

    Anyone gonna sell their 25k slot and racekit? Im willing to buy it. We can meet up this week in BGC or somewhere near Fort. Just contact me here 09329158150 or send me a message thru FB “Pao Puno.” Hope someone replies to this post. Thank you and God Bless!

  16. Dennis says

    Selling May Newbalance 25k slot (bib only) Bib #3 or trade it to your United Colors 21.8k.

    Reason (mas pref ko sa UC coz may barefoot category and nandun mga ka-paa ko po) :).

    meet up BGC

  17. maxxrunnrs says

    Napansin ko lang sa route map ang meron lang eh Hydration, nawawala ang Potassium at ang Medical Group…Please clarify lang po especially ang organizer nito eh well known , syempre runners should expect a complete support from them.

  18. dens says

  19. Tina says

    Hello runners/sir jinoe – would you know which is the updated and final route for 25k? I saw a 25k route (I think in runrio site) which extends to almost Taft ave cor buendia but no McKinley hills..thnx

  20. Arvie says

  21. strider_mark27 says

    @tina: nag-update nga ang route map ng 25k. extended na yung sa may gil puyat(buendia) and hindi na dadaan ng mckinley hill(pasok ng bayani road). sayang mas maganda pa naman yung unang ruta. =(

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