Survey Reveals Top Hydration Myths Of Runners

Hydration for Runners

A survey conducted by a group of researchers from Loyola Univerity Health System reveals the common hydration practices by runners which are not recommended by experts. According to the researchers, these practices may lead to overconsumption of fluids which will result exercise-associated hyponatremia. It occurs when runners drink even when they are not thirsty. This […]

Five New Things To Do to Spice Up Your Running Life

Are you getting tired of the usual train-and-race routine?  Maybe you find it boring already to keep on running for the same reason and running in the same places.  It’s time to spice your running life a little.  It doesn’t require fancy gadgets or the latest shoe models.  It may require a little change of […]

Tips for Trail Running

Some runners like to run because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Some consider running a form of relaxation. Trail running gives you another reason to run and get in shape while exploring a different environment. Whether you choose a rocky, muddy or root-ridden path, trail running provides a great physical challenge than road running. With […]