Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012 – Results and Photos

NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012 Results and Photos

Results are now available below.

Congratulations for finishing the Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012. How was your run?  Rate your race results below and share your experience with fellow runners in the comments section.

Got photos at the Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012? Share them at the comments sections too.

Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012
April 22, 2012
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012 – 3K Results

Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012 – 5K Results

Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012 – 10K Results

Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012 – 21K Results


Natgeo Earth Day Run Photos

Photos by Glenn Apacible.  FB sets 1-3

Photos by Sigue Correr Runners.  FB Sets 1-4

Photos by Spartan Runner .  FB Sets 1-3

Photos by LeStSkY Runner.  FB Set 1 | Set 2 | More Sets

Thanks for sharing guys.


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  1. rodeo says

    Sana the runners were a bit more conscious in disposing the water bottles….earth run nga diba pero yung cups and bottles sa kalsada na lang iniwan.

    • Noel Salazar says

      Agree! But I would fault less the runners than the organizers, the hydration stations are I think really awkwardly managed. Runners ended up taking bottles instead of just drinking from the cups.

    • eyesman says

      agree with rodeo, how ironic although…i think the organizer is also equally liable for the disposal of bottles and cups, dapat more trash bins din

    • rodeo says

      yes I agree with both of you na organizers are also at fault. they should have anticipated the volume of runners that will stop by the hydration area but as a runner I refused to accept na wala na akong magagawa sa situation. I carried my bottle which i only took 2 sips until makakita ako ng trash can.

      • Noel Salazar says

        Well said Rodeo. Absolutely agree with you. It’s a total outlook that needs to change and for the longest time we’ve struggled with that as a nation, as a people. Many still think that the “kalye” is one huge garbage bin!

      • oscarmike says

        sapul ako d2, isa ako sa mga nag kalat XD
        very disappointing first 21k run na sinalihan ko
        ung water station personnel @ the last turning point ng 21k eh nag cocomment pa na “GINUSTO NYO YAN EH”

    • mj says

      i understand ur point RODEO.. but i guess u should ask and question the organizers! Im sure runners are trying their best to kip the cups, it is just that der are no trash receptacles or bag provided! The registration fee itself doesnt compensate the whole experience! so give ur concern to the organizers! i think it is very hard to run bringing ur own bags! ANd i know its ironic EARTHRUN taz ang daming dumi! but try to know every little piece of information bago tau magjudge and magsuggest!

  2. Noel Salazar says

    Good run overall. Hydration station could have been organized better (e.g., longer tables to accommodate more runners better, positioning on both sides for up-stream runners and returning runners, etc.). Very good route covered the BGC, Libingan and Buendia. Marshalling is alright as well.

    On a separate (and many have perhaps harp about this): reg fee is still a bit expensive for most I think.

    Should there be some form of regulation that should govern organized races? Hmmmm…

  3. jaja says

    i think the problem is with the organizer itself… san nmn itatapon ang mga plastic cups and bottles kung wala rin nman mga trashcan available…

    • Noel Salazar says

      OO nga. Nag-tsaga akong bilangin… There are 45 names in a page. Locate your name on the page you’re on (ex. page 10, line 23). So, 45 x 9 = 405 + 23 = 428. So you wold be ranked 428. Approx lang if my count is right that there are 45 names on a page.

        • Noel Salazar says

          Thanks. But locating my name wasn’t the problem as pointed out by Vios, it’s determining the rank that was a bit difficult to discern.

      • Noel Salazar says

        Apologies for the initial false information. Formula cited will not work. My bad. The listing is indeed arranged according to bib no and not, according to time finished. So I’m stumped. The data can be extracted to determine ranking based on time, but that would take a little bit of computing gymnastics.

        • Randall Angala says

          Mano mano ang ginawa kong pag bilang but the data won’t be accurate pa rin. There are about bib #s (out of 15 hundred) na walang stats. So kung nagtiyaga ka to rank yourself, it’s only out of 900 names.

  4. jun says

    No ranking on the results? Then you wrote “Rate your race result..?” At the start of the race they warned us that it’s hot & humid so better drink during the race! E ang layo kaya @ kakaunti pa water station! Registration fee is too high & yet you feel parang tinipid ng organizers yung race! Harang! Won’t register on this next time…

      • Lexi says

        eh magkaiba nman ang time ng natgeo sa strider. may plus 4 mins ung sakin. saka ano b nmn yan, pareho ang gunstart time at chip time.

        • megan says

          Same here, Lexi. I looked up at the time as I was approaching the Finish and noted the time reflected. Strider added almost 4 minutes to my time too: way beyond the time I saw as I was crossing (and also reflected my gunstart time and chip time as the same.) I know this was not the case because I had to ease my way to the start line after the gunshot went off because of the volume of race participants, and this took more than 30 seconds.

          My NatGeo time is close to the time I saw as I was approaching the Finish line, so I think this is more accurate.

  5. I want to RUN says

    Guys, parang mas-accurate ata ung results sa posted by mightylababo compared dun sa nakapost sa natgeorun, based na rin ito sa time ng GPS watch ko.

    What do you think guys?

  6. says

    walang race markers, kulang ang management ng water stations. Na miss ko tuloy mga Run Rio Races, hindi pa hinog ang EventKing magorganize ng run. Sorry, can’t help but compare. At saka ang mahal, mas nagenjoy pa ako sa Yakult run sa halagang 450.

    • says

      akala ko pag mas mahal ang race, mas well organized, international ang standards. Eto hindi. Galit sila sa water stations. hahaha

  7. Mike says

    Nice race, kaso ang bobo naman ng race results nito. Order by Race Bib Number, hindi man lang rank.

    Sino ba organizer nito?

  8. stella says

    I was so disappointed cause they have no energy drinks during and even after the race. 21K runners need those so bad. This was my first time to run 21K. I had a hard time cause I was expecting that they will provide energy drinks, like in Condura, cause we paid so much. Hope next time we get our money’s worth.

  9. Dadibear says

    Am surprised that my gun time is the same as my chip time. That’s impossible since I started at around mid-field and it took almost half a minute or so before I crossed the starting line. I find my time in Striders more accurate.

  10. Jessie says

    Never ever going to run to any event king organized run. high fees na nga, papatayin pa ang runners sa tipid. No loot bags, ayos lang yun eh ..pero no sports drink, limited hydration area and not 1 freaking banana per runner…mamatay ata ako sa ganitong run. >.<

  11. geraldine says

    grabe!di ko na uulitin ang tumakbo sa natgeo..grabe natuyuan ako!ang lalayo ng hydration stations.tapos walang banana!mahal mahal ng bayad tapos ganito lang…

  12. jojo nazal says

    tinipid ang mga runners! grabe walang sports drink… rehydration and proper electrolyte replenishment is very important especially in long distance running… mukhang hindi naintindihan ng event king ang needs ng runners (o tinipid talaga to maximize their profit – not fair to runners!)

  13. Robin Alejo says

    i agree. its Earth Day then all drinking cups are just on the street. An eyesore. Limited trash bins kasi. No energy drink or alternative to water like Pocari. To think ang mahal ng registration fee ha.
    Race results sana should be according to rank not Bib number.

  14. Spartan Runner says

    Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2012 photos here. 10k and 21k runners only along Buendia cor. Makati Ave. Tag away and leave a comment!

    photos were not watermarked for personal use. your acknowledgement/credits, however, would be appreciated.

    approx 400 photos per album. dont forget to click the “See More Photos” button at the bottom

    btw, congrats to all finishers!!!

  15. Joey C. says

    Guys, this race was not worth running, we just sweat out our 21K reg fee for nothing, no sports drinks, long interval/distances of hydration stations, no bananas,no finishers’ lootbag with some goodies.. hay naku!! To the Organizers of this race, your NatGeo run has become ” Going Nuts” Geo, very disappointing…

  16. rodeo says

    Runners litter on Earth Day run, spark outrage

    The organizers and participants of an Earth Day run drew flak after a photo showing runners littering went viral online on Sunday.

    A photo from the Facebook account of ABS-CBN director Francis Xavier Pasion showed several cups strewn over the gutter at a street in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig during the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012. The run was held on April 22.

    It also showed one participant about to throw her cup.

    . has sought comment through an e-mail to the organizer of the event but has yet to get a response, as of posting.

    • Noel Salazar says

      I hope it also gets reported that there’s a clean-up team (if there are any, indeed). I’ve seen BGC during many post-races, and usually the litters aren’t there anymore… usually by 8 am in some places of the route, the cups and other garbage generated by the race are gone. It was but ONE picture that perhaps does not represent the entirety of the event. Sure it wasn’t perfect… but I hope we get the other side of the story.

      Could the photo have gone viral as fast as it did if the person who posted it wasn’t from one of the biggest media outfit in the country?

  17. Lexi says

    Funny apology from NatGeo organizers:

    MANILA, Philippines — The organizers of the recently held NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012 has issued a formal apology; after a photo showing participants of the race along with scattered paper cups and plastic bottles on the street went viral.

    In a press release addressed to Mother Earth, Juardencio Turcuatico, Territory Director for Fox International Channels – Philippines, said that National Geographic was very sorry for the harm and damage that the event may have caused to her and promises that it wouldn’t happen again in the future.

    “It was an event to honor you, like a birthday celebration,” said the letter. “But we somehow botched it and instead of making you, Mama Earth, happy, I think, no, I believe that we have made you even sadder. And for that we are very sorry,”
    He added, “It was an oversight on our part. We never thought that the runners would be so irresponsible as to throw them away haphazardly,” he added. “We should have known better than to offer them drinks on cups and bottles.”

    Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) forecasts confirms Her anger, with even hotter temperatures, specifically in Metro Manila, seen in the coming days.
    In our follow-up interview, the organizer admits that it was very embarrassing on their part but was also a hard learning experience. He promised to make up for it on next year’s iteration. “We are planning to change the venue for NatGeo Earth Run 2013. We are still deciding whether to hold it in Smokey Mountain or in Payatas,” revealed Turcuatico. “This way, participants CAN throw the cups and bottles anywhere along the way.” He also mentioned that they would be using biodegradable materials for the cups, bottles and even the singlets.
    If the number of registrants for next year’s run becomes lower due to the location, National Geographic might change the venue back to either Bonifacio Global City (BGC) or to SM Mall of Asia, but with one minor change.

    “We wont be serving drinks in cups or bottles to the runners anymore. Instead, we would be cooperating with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and the Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades to provide us with fire trucks,” he revealed. Said fire trucks would be stationed along predetermined points in the race and would pump waters to runners who are thirsty and in need of replenishing. Participants just have to raise their hands and open their mouths before passing by the ‘watering stations’ to indicate their need to be replenished.

    • mon says

      Please be aware that this article is intended to be a spoof apology. Do not react based on this. the Fox entertainment guy’s name is “Jude Turcuato” and spoofed here as “Juardencio Turcuatico”.

      This is a fun read though, just don’t take it seriously :)

  18. pja says

    In all the events I ran, THERE ARE ALWAyS runners who are like that. Why single out this event and the organizer? Bananas, sponges, cups, sports gel sachets… lahat po yan nakikita ko sa daan. Di lang po runners ganyan. Di kasi talaga natin kaya itapon nalang sa trash bins provided. Masyado kasing mahirap yun sa iba na ibulsa muna o hawakan nalang muna ang munting basura hangat wala pang basurahan.

    And did the press report whether or not there was a cleanup crew afterwards?

    This is a wake up call not just to you runners. Di lang po natgeo earth run nangyayari yan. sa lahat po ng races nagkakalat karamihan.

    Kahit di po running event marami rin po talaga ang mahilig magtapon ng kalat sa daan, dumura, magdikit ng bubble gum kung saan saan.

    Tama lang na ikalat niyo yang ganyang posts. Ang issue talaga diyan eh marami talaga ang walang disiplina sa mundo. Unfair nga lang eh nagkaroon ng bad rep ang organizer dito.

  19. Catalan says

    Nat geo run was poorly organized. The organizers, if they know how fun run or marathons work, should have placed trash cans strategically after the drinking stations. It was an expensive run and yet the setup was bad. No km markers, cheap shirt, and few drinking stations. A scam really. Natgeo should apologize to the thousand of runners lured by their brand. In any case, I will never support a nat geo event anymore from hereon if they don’t retract that childish apology write up. Heck, I will be their detractor even. To natgeo, read the book open leadership by Charlene li.

    • Jessie says

      Natgeo said (from their official FB page) that the statement in that website was not their official statement about the incident.

      So I’m still waiting for their official “apology”. As for me running again on an Event King or Natgeo fun run….I won’t ever again . Unless they do something to make up with the runners who participated this year…maybe free registration for next year’s run and organize that run the right way….

  20. c4runner says

    sana lang eh my magandang puntahan ung binayad natin sa run na ito.. sa lahat ng takbo ko.. 1st tym ko na experience na walang saging at energy drink sa 21k runners.. sana nxt yr d na ganito…

  21. britm96 says

    TSK!TSK!TSK! Discipline guys!! mga naturingang tumakbo sa isang event for mother earth ganyan ang asal. khit may pagkukulang ang mismong oraganizers, sana alam natin sa sarili natin kung ano ang purpose ng pagtakbo natin dun..

  22. Newbie runr says

    Not to trash anybody (pun intended) :) i was taking GU gel at the start line and i was almost at the front. I wasn’t able to throw my gel pack so i decided to keep it in my running shorts until i saw a man holding a black trash bag near the water station. I think its everybody’s responsibility.

  23. jpa says

    Sa lahat ng tinakbuhan ko, marami talagang nagkakalat. Every week may run sa BGC o MOA? Wala kang natutunan doon?

    Madali naman po itapon ang cups doon sa basurahan na kita niyo naman agad. Next time nalang runners.

    Pero ang tanong, meron ka bang binudget sa maraming basurahan at tagalinis?

    Di niyo naisip na may magkakalat? Wow very well planned indeed. yun lang ba di mo naisip? pakibasa nalang mga posts ng iba tungkol sa’yo at pano ka nagtipid ng husto at ioverprice ang fees para lang lumaki lalo kita niyo

    You call that an apology? Please keep your promise to hold it in Smokey Mountain next year! Your arrogance and unprofessional statement might lead to your team’s downfall.

    Bad publicity and incidents happens even to organizers way better than you. What makes them even better that they’ll admit their fault sincerely and try to make up for it.

    • c4runner says

      i agree… twice a month nasali me sa mga funrun,, ang kalat nanjan na yan eh,, kailangan lang pulutin agad.. sa mga event ng runrio or greentenial very organized.. napakadaming trash bins,, or daming nag aabang ng kalat,, pero sa NATGEO!! wala!!!, walang energy drink.. walang saging,, my tubig nga d pa malamig.. ang hirap kya tumakbo ng 21k ng wala yang mga yan.. cguro organizer nito mga d RUNNER,, gus2 lang nila kumuwa ng pera,, dont wori kami ng mga opism8 ko ay d nanasali nxt yr…..

    • JayBee says

      Agree. Sa ibang fun runs nga pag tinanong mo yung mga organisers kung saan mo puwedeng itapon yung mga kalat mo e sasabihin pa nila na “Ihagis nyo na lang po dyan sa gilid sir, kami na po ang bahala.”

      Walang kuwenta organiser! Aside from cleanliness e safety ng runners ang paglilinis agad ng kalat. Never again to join any run organised by Event King! NatGeo, look for a better organiser! Your reputation is going down the drain and you’re just keeping silent about it!

  24. tsk says

    hahaha..grABE DAMING reklamo sa nat geo. luge nga kyo jan mga road runners. level up! try trail running. doble ang effort at sigurado ang reklamo mo eh hirap at sakit ng katawan hindi ung keso wlang power drinks, chip time, etc. d2 self sufficient. bring our ouwn trail food and hydration. tara, shift na kyo!


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