Yakult 10 Miler 2013 Results


Race results for the Yakult 10 Miler 2013 . Congratulations for finishing the Yakult 10 Miler 2013 . How was your run? Rate your race results below and share your experience with fellow runners in the comments section.

Got photos at the Yakult 10 Miler 2013? Share them at the comments sections too.

Yakult 10 Miler 2013

March 17, 2013
CCP Complex, Pasay

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  1. MarkDrunner says

    Change your organizer for next race. Offer some freebies like medals, shirts and other freebies for next year race to attract more runners to support your race. Salamat.

  2. RunBot says

    Overall para sa akin okay lang yung run. Simple, wala kiyeme, diretso takbo, pahinga, tapos uwi. Makikita mo yung contrast with RU1. Parang old school versus hip new generation na run. It depends on how you look at it. Bottom line is takbo pa rin sila pareho.

  3. RED says


    Congratulations to Yakult and all the runners for this great event.

    Specific comments:

    1. Nice route. Although mas maganda sana na yung flyover and second half para challenge, parang NY marathon na uphill yung entry sa finish line.

    2. Good pacing of the run streams also. Never encountered congestion or unnecessary crowding.

    3. Thank you Yakult lady for the 2 extra bottles. Pa-cute lang kasi, I don’t think It’s an unreasonable request naman given the circumstance, just be polite and pleasant about it.

    now the bad:
    4. As usual, garbage problems. Sana may point before the run where the organizers talk about proper disposal. Nairita talaga ako to see people just casually throwing the cups on the road. Moreover, a vertical cylindrical bin is not ideal. Siguro for Yakult, and future running organizations, the ideal would be a long box, 2 meter length, .75m width, and .75m height (imagine a 6-foot fridge box laid on its side), located maybe at least 10 meters after the hydration stations. Kung malapit kasi hindi pa naiinom ang tubig e lagpas na sa basurahan, kaya yung iba sa kalsada tinatapon.

    5. Sa organizers, kung may event po kayo na imamarket, please distribute flyers naman AFTER the finish line! May mga nagflyer 200-100 meters before the finish, yung iba nangharang pa. Seriously?

    PS. Anong mayroon sa UST that morning? I was at Q.Ave – Espana rotonda 4:30 when we were made to reroute, 5:15 na ulit ako nakalabas ng Q. Blvd. Buti na lang I still had 5 minutes to warm up before the gun start!

    Again, great run and congratulations to all!

  4. sir nube says

    mas maganda sana f may katulong kayo sponsor/s? at sana next year ay top 10 n..kahit ung top 4-10 ay may pakonswelo man lang…. tapos iba ung top 1-3. I mean hiwalay ung mga dayuhan sa mga pinoy tig-top 3 rin!!! at may bonus n pabuya ung over all top 1, top lady, senior 200m dash s mga kids… over all, maganda ung event kaso naniniwala ako n kayo nyo pang lagpasan ang salitang maganda!? kahit ano ang makasabay nito next year, YAKULT PA RIN AKO TATAKBO!!!

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